The Worst Diets Ever

One can agree that over the last several decades, there has been so many different diet plans made created that even naming ten percent of them could be challenging, even for the most astute of us people. While there are positives and negatives to all of those diet plans, it is the negatives of those diet plans we will be looking at here. This piece you are currently reading will be taking a look at the five worst diet plans of all time and believe me folks, some of these are doozies.

#1: The Nazi Diet

The title of this one should tell you just how horrible this plan is, but folks, it actually gets worse from here on out for this one. This plan was developed by a Russian by the name of Alex Siry, who said he wanted others to lose weight the way that the Russians who died from starvation during World War II did. This diet broke down like this, four hundred grams of food and one hundred grams of vodka per day and that’s it folks, Siry claimed that the diet was created because people in Russia needed to lose weight in a way like those unfortunate Russians during World War II did and the diet was a tribute to them.

#2: The Tapeworm Diet

This diet has more to do with the live creature you are putting into your body instead of the food that you are putting into your body. This diet consists of you putting a tapeworm into your intestines, them letting the tapeworm eat the food in the intestines before it can be fully digested. This diet was first started in the 1800’s and it recently made a small comeback, but much like the woman from Iowa who ended up in the hospital last year after attempting this, it is a diet to avoid at all costs.

#3: The Cigarette Diet

Most people throughout their lives have been told that smoking is bad for you and it is, so you know that a diet based around smoking cigarettes is bad for you as well. This diet was created in the 1920’s by a woman who would tell fellow dieters that smoking large amounts of cigarettes will help them lose lots of weight. While this is in fact true that smoking cigarettes does cause weight loss, it does so in a truly unhealthy manner and it will also destroy your lungs as well.

#4: The Baby Food Diet

While there can be no doubt that the majority of baby food out there today is good for the babies of this world, it is not as good for the adults of this world. The average baby will consume 600 calories per day with the proper amount of baby food and that is good for babies, but that can be hugely dangerous for the human adults who consume the same amount. The lesson here is to stop eating baby food when you are no longer a baby and eat food that is right for the adults of this world.

#5: The Breatharian Diet

If you are a fan of sunlight and the outdoors, that is good for you, but this diet takes things to a whole new level of extreme. The basis for this diet is to avoid food and drinks at all cost, eliminating them altogether, while staying outside and in sunlight as much as possible. This started as an offshoot of the Hindu religion and studies have shown this diet is ludicrous at best, even Hindu folks themselves will dismiss this one as well.