The Godfather Of Fitness

Over the decades, physical fitness has been something that has been preached, demonstrated and taught to everybody who ever wanted to escape the doldrums of being overweight and to become physically fit. While the world is full of gym teachers, personal trainers, yoga instructors, fitness book authors, bodybuilders and more, there can only be one true “Godfather Of Fitness.” That one true “Godfather Of Fitness” is known as Jack LaLane, who was born in September 26th, 1914 in San Francisco, California, his parents were Jennie LaLane and John LaLane. Interestingly enough, LaLane was a chubby kid when growing up and would eat all the foods that are considered wrong for you. Then, when the future physical fitness godfather was fifteen years old, he heard a speech from health food pioneer Paul Bragg about the dangers of certain foods and the physical fitness craze overtook the young LaLane.

Besides eating healthier, LaLane would also become quite prominent in the world of swimming and later the world of weight lifting. After graduating high school, LaLane would graduate from college in San Francisco (California) with a Doctor Of Chiropractic degree. Then in the year 1936, LaLane would open the countries first health and fitness club, where LaLane himself would supervise those working out at his club, plus he would offer nutritional advice as well to the members. This would cause some controversy within the medical community at that time because many doctors would try to keep patients away from his club because they would tell their patients that what LaLane was instructing them to do was in fact, unhealthy for them, the doctors would be proven wrong in due time. LaLane would continue to make gym innovations like the creation of the first leg extension machine, which is a staple in every gym all over the world now.

LaLane would eventually become a television star as well, thanks to the three-plus decades that The Jack LaLane Show was on television. The show would only be fifteen minutes long, but the fifteen minutes would see LaLane discuss many things about physical fitness and proper eating, the show would stay on the air until 1985. The show would be considered to be the inspiration for the fitness videos and the like that have been flooding store shelves and gyms for decades now. LaLane, as the host of the show, would show people ways to exercise from home and eat healthily as well, plus the show would be known for having one of the most simplistic sets of any television program to eve air. LaLane, outside of his ever popular television series, would also release many books on nutrition and physical fitness, as well as home videos on both subjects as well.

Jack LaLane would stay in the public eye until his death at the ripe old age of 96 due to respiratory failure, the date of his passing was January 23rd, 2011. In what could be an interesting side note to his passing, family members of LaLane would state that up until the day that the physical fitness legend passed away, he would be working out and eating healthy, showing that he did what he preached for many decades, which is the biggest reason behind the guru’s long and healthy life. In the end, Jack LaLane left a huge impact in the physical fitness universe because without his innovations in that universe, who knows just how much more out of shape folks there would be and millions upon millions of people are stepping into gyms every single day of the week thanks to the efforts of one man from San Francisco.