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Prohormones – Myths Debunked

If there was ever a group of people who were shrouded in mystery and myths…. it would be weightlifters. (Well, only behind Santa Clause, Jack the Ripper and Doc Holiday.) The workout world has more than its share of misconceptions and they have limited weightlifters from reaching their best potential for years. Whether you are a newbie or a misinformed pro, from fear to buy prohormones online to sticking to “leg day” like it came from the Bible, these 9 myths were made to be bust… so let’s do this…

The Strongest Prohormone is Illegal and Bad For You.

ProhormonesProhormone supplements can be bought online legally and they are used by some of the biggest names in sports. This form of legal prohormones help athletes to get the gains and endurance that they want without the severe side effects or legal trouble. A good way to really decide what is in the best prohormones on the market is to go online and research the brand as much as you can. Always know what you are buying. Prohormone reviews can also give you an in-depth look at what you can expect, what you may or may not like and when results from usage were at their peak. The best prohormones on the market often have the best reviews. You can also look for reviews that feature user photographs so you can see gains for yourself. You can usually tell when reviews are fake. Beware of user photographs from prohormones for sale sites that look too professional to be the real thing.

Women Who Lift Can Expect to Get Bulky and Manish.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of lifting in the fitness world. Women fear that adding weights to their training will make them look like their boyfriend in a skirt. A woman would need to consume a large amount of calories to get bulky while lifting. A normal diet and routine will lead to lean muscles that grow to a normal size for a woman. Weightlifting also helps you to work harder in shorter spans so that you are not busting out a million reps for minimal results. Barbells are a great addition to your squat routine and can be more beneficial than dumbbells by your side. This is a great place to start if you want to go a little harder without overdoing it. Add weight gradually and remember too keep calories down. You do not need the best prohormone like a dude… that is where the bulky problem comes in.

Muscle Can Turn Into Fat If You Take a Break or Stop Lifting Completely.

Lies and more lies. Someone would need to call Merlin to make muscle turn to fat because it just will not happen without some kind of freaky wizard magic. Muscles cannot be converted to fat but muscle does help you burn it. So even if you decided that you needed a break or quit all together, the muscle you have would still help you to burn fat. Studies show that you will burn more calories in a 16-24 hour window after you finish a lifting session.

You Can Only Work on One Muscle Group a Day.

“Leg day” is a phrase that you have probably heard around the weight room and everybody hates leg day. A good rule of thumb is to choose those exercises that target several muscle groups at once. Not only does this save time and make more sense, but it is completely OK as long as you give your muscles a day or so to recover from your training session. Some of these movements include pull-ups, squats and deadlifts.

Your Joints Will Go Bad if You Lift.

A study that appeared in the Journal of Rheumatology found that when athletes suffer from knee joint pain that the pain reduces 43% over a course of four months. This control group was also better equipped to preform tasks and had a better quality of life than those who did not lift. This is because strength training can help you to gain strength in the structure around your joints and make them more supported. This muscle structure takes pressure off of the joints and absorbs shock.

Lifting Can Give You High Blood Pressure and Worsen Hypertension.

Those with high blood pressure have been scared away from lifting because they think it could increase levels in hypertension. However, just like with cardio, lifting can lower your diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Usually by around 4%. The American Heart Association recommends two to three sessions a week to see that decrease begin. Lifting strengthens the heart – not just your muscles. So if you have high blood pressure you might want to consider adding it to your week.

I Need a Machine. Free Weights are Less Effective.

Machines limit your movement and isolate muscles, allowing them to only move in a single plane. Free weights allow you to reach multiple muscles and move freely like you naturally would. Studies suggest that squats with weight gave 43% muscle cooperation than the Smith Machine – sorry Smith Machine guy. Some trainers even say that bodyweight exercises are just as effective as weighted ones. Free weights allow natural movement and this naturally leads to bigger gains.

Weight Lifting Can Stunt Your Growth.

Almost as common as the fear of the pro hormone, many believe that if you lift at a young age then you will turn out to be quite short. This is just not true. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shaq and Karl Malone… each of these guys began lifting in their teens and now are well over 6 feet 2. Some people even think that lifting may encourage growth because it can increase bone mineralization. If you are training a young guy, the best thing to do is teach him good form that he can carry with him for life and teach him how to not be that troll at the gym who knocks the skinny guy for beginning to lift. We all start somewhere and nobody likes “that guy”. Usually that guy is “born” from lifting early and getting a bad case of ego because of it.

From pro hormones myths that keep you from reaching your max strength and gains to the fear of getting too bulky, the myths surrounded lifting are as numerous as they are false. Whether you are new to lifting or are already a serious hardcore heavyweight, some of these myths just refuse to die – but now that you know the facts from fiction, you can toss those myths, get to the gym and feel like a real rebel for breaking the rules – that should never have been there in the first place.

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