Over Training

No Over Training Please

When you are attempting to form the perfect body for bodybuilding competitions, doing the right amount of training can definitely make all the difference. However, it is possible for some people to over train and that will cause a lot of damage to your body that may be hard to overcome. Thankfully, there are many symptoms of over training to check out and there will also be a few tips to look at when it comes to ensure you are not doing any more than you should. Let us first take a look at some symptoms and ways that we could be over training, which is important to recognize.

Over TrainingThere are a plethora of signs to over training, starting with more than usual muscle soreness and an elevated heart rate. There are plenty of other over training signs as well like increasing infections in your body, an increasing amount of bodily injuries, becoming more irritable, severe depression, a lack of motivation, a lack of sleep, a loss of appetite and even losing weight. If your are working to become a bodybuilder and you experience even one or more of the previously listed symptoms, take a step back to evaluate where you are going wrong and then make the proper adjustments so you do not do any unnecessary harm to your body. There is nothing wrong in achieving that perfect body, but there is something wrong with over training and you do not want to turn that perfect body into a perfect mess.

Now, we have taken a look at the plethora of symptoms that could tell you and your body that you are over training. Let us now take some time to look at a few things that you can do when over training or just to help you assure that no over training will be done. The first thing you can do is also the easiest thing you can do, which is to simply take a break while you are training. This will not only give you a chance to catch your breathe, but it will also give your muscles some time to recover as well. This next step may seem like the proverbial “wimpy” thing to do when you are training for a bodybuilding competition, but it may be a necessary evil and that is to reduce the amount of weight you are lifting.

Over training may not just be doing to much during your workout, but lifting to much weight as well, so reduce the weight a little to not strain the muscles beyond what they can actually handle. The next thing to do may also be the most relaxing of all the ideas, which is to get a message, whether a normal massage or a deep tissue massage. If you are a fan of visiting the gym multiple times a day, there is a way to maintain that schedule and help you not over train and that is to split your training sessions up. This does not mean turn three training sessions a day into six a day, this means take a look at what kind of training you are doing that day and splitting it up throughout the day so your muscles are not being worked to much. There is something amazing about the drive of somebody who wants to achieve that perfect bodybuilders physique, but do not over train, because you will not be turning perfect…just into the perfect mess.

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