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Legal Steroids – Effects And Alternatives

To regular people, the word “steroids” mean performance-enhancing supplements or steroid pills or steroid tablets, which are scientifically called anabolic steroids. These man-made oral steroids imitate the functions of testosterone – the male hormone – thereby helping increase muscle mass. These steroids shouldn’t be misinterpreted for corticosteroids, a medicinal steroid group that’s commonly used for reducing excessive body inflammation. Though anabolic steroids present some medical benefits, the yearning to enhance athletic ability and performance has been outlawed, thanks to anabolic drug abuse and unsupervised usage. Multiple side effects are associated with anabolic steroid usage. Many hurt the reproductive system, along with typical female or male features. Some of the side effects can be reversed if the steroid’s usage is stopped. But most are either life-threatening or permanent.

Steroid Side Effects for Males

Steroids For SaleNormally, the testicles make sperm and testosterone. Administering anabolic steroids helps create an unnatural surplus of testosterone inside the body. This prompts the body’s hormonal feedback system to instruct the testicles to take things easy. Consequentially, men who buy steroids and use them quite often experience testicles shrinkage, reduced sperm production, and also infertility and impotence. If there are no such Steroids For Sale or steroid use is stopped, these effects can be reversed. Under excess male hormones’ influence, hair loss is probable. Also the prostate gland could enlarge, causing issues when passing urine. Since the body transforms a part of the on-the-move anabolic steroids into estrogen – the female hormone – men using steroids also risk developing breasts. Once developed, these male boobs are difficult to get rid of.

Steroid Side Effects for Females

Women who buy steroids online or from elsewhere and use them can be seen developing male-like traits due to steroids’ testosterone-like effects. Besides decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass, women could also develop some bass in their voice, along with body and facial hair and male-pattern hair loss. These side effects are usually permanent. The size of breasts could decrease, the clit may enlarge and the vagina’s lining could shrink – these effects are also permanent. Menstrual cycles also get disrupted, usually causing irregular, light or no periods. The disruption to regular hormonal systems could also result in infertility. These fertility and menstrual issues can be reversed if the supplements are stopped.

Cardiovascular Effects

The impact of steroid usage on the body’s cardiovascular system can be quite serious. Overproduction of RBCs (red blood cells) thickens the blood, pushing the heart to toil harder. With time, the additional workload could result in heart enlargement and an inevitable heart attack. Also, steroids increase bad cholesterol blood levels, which encourage the growth of fat deposits known as atherosclerotic plaques. These could clog the important arteries. Plaques heightens stroke and heart attack risks. These risks are augmented further since steroids render the blood highly likely to clot within the arteries – especially in places of plaque formation. Clots forming at the plaque site frequently instigate stroke or a heart attack.

Liver Effects

Liver damage is another steroid side effect. The liver works on the majority of supplements passing via the body, and increased dosages could overburden the liver and influence the amount of liver enzymes that are part of drug metabolism. The eye’s whiter portion and skin could turn yellow – this condition is called jaundice. Typically, intestine itchiness follows steroid-caused jaundice. Specific steroids could cause growth of tumor and cysts in the liver, causing liver cancer. It’s believed the steroids attach to the liver cells’ receptors, thereby activating the genes responsible for cell growth regulation. This results in unregulated liver cells development, causing a tumor.

Impact on Other Systems

Steroids for sale hurt the body in many different ways. They activate the oil glands, causing oily skin and worsening or development of fresh acne. Steroids could weaken the tendons and ligaments of joints, heightening the chances of injuries. If administered by adolescents, steroids could stunt physical development as they force the bones’ growth plates to close prematurely. Also, since steroid injections are quite common, users increase their risks of infections or diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C if syringes or needles are shared.

Psychological Influence

Anabolic steroids could affect behavior and mood. In some individuals, the drug may increase anger, aggressiveness and irritability – at times referred to as roid rage. This condition has often been linked with instances of criminal activity and increased violence. Acute mood swings are quite possible as well, with users at times claiming high energy levels and impulsiveness post taking the supplements, which is usually followed by anxiety and depression when cycling off. Delusions and paranoia have also been often associated with steroid usage.

Legal Steroids Alternatives

Legal steroids could either be options like prohormones or prescribed anabolic steroids. Controlled drugs such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or testosterone analogs are not illegal when a doctor prescribes them. Progressive doctors would generally not mind prescribing such hormones to older men, who have andropause issues or are suffering from age-linked, testosterone-declining side effects. Andropause side effects could include depression, muscle loss, male breast enlargement or gynecomastia, and lack of energy or low libido. A legitimate OTC (over-the-counter) steroid alternative is dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA, which is usually used by older men for retaining their youthful testosterone levels. But both prohormones like DHEA or prescribed legal steroids could pose several issues, which includes prostate enlargement, hair loss, gynecomastia and acne.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are potent steroid hormones alternative. These boosters contain ingredients such as Testofen, tribulus terrestris, avena sativa, etc. that help increase production of testosterone. As per most fitness experts, eurycoma longifolia is the most effective and popular testosterone booster. Eurycoma longifolia is a Malaysian herb that is usually sold as tonics for male potency. The recommended dosage is 400 mg, first thing in the morning.

Estrogen Blockers

Estrogen blockers inhibit aromatase enzyme’s action – the enzyme helps turn testosterone to estrogen. Excess estrogen, in males, could cause unnecessary side effects such as water retention, muscle loss and/or feminization, breast enlargement or gynecomastia. Therefore, blocking this enzyme translates to a testosterone boost sans administering illegal or legal anabolic hormones. But such blocking may cause an increase in DHT. DHT could cause side effects such as hair loss, acne and an enlarged prostate.

Natural Anabolics

There are a few pure anabolic substances, which could be used together or in isolation to replicate some of steroid hormones’ anabolic effects, sans the side effects. These natural steroid alternatives are the best steroids, which include nitric oxide precursors, creatine monohydrate, beta alanine and CLA or conjugated linoleic acid. The recommended dosages are creatine (10 g per day), beta alanine (3 g in a couple of divided doses), CLA (6 g), and also L-arginine (2 to 3 grams).

Increasing Testosterone Sans Steroids

Steroids aren’t essential for naturally boosting testosterone levels. In fact, steroid hormones and their chemical analogs restrict the body’s ability to make this vital muscle-building hormone. Your training and diet could dramatically impact your body’s testosterone production levels. Also, there are some natural drugs that could help spike testosterone levels.

• Add deadlifts and heavy squats to your resistance exercising regimen. These exercises trigger the anabolics, pushing the body to make more testosterone.
• Take your fat and its calories – 25-30 percent of your total calorie intake per day must originate from fat. Consuming little fat prevents the body from producing testosterone. In fact, increasing healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat intake directly affects your body’s testosterone-making capabilities. Fats that boost testosterone can be found in egg yolks, olive oil, avocados, peanut butter, and seeds and nuts.
• Consume 400 mg of eurycoma longifolia – a Malaysian herb – every morning, right after bed. This herb is known for boosting body’s testosterone levels and increasing both muscle mass and strength in active people.
• Forskolin (250 mg, twice a day) is another recommended natural substance for testosterone production. Take a serving prior to exercising and the second one after food. Forskolin reduces body fat and increases testosterone levels in active individuals. Also called Forslean, Forskolin is derived from coleus forskohlii – a rare herb.

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