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Everything You Need To Know About Dianabol Steroids

So many adjectives can be used to describe Dianabol steroids but to sum it up, they are the ‘feel good’ steroids. They serve the same function of boosting energy for workouts and building muscle mass in the long run. However, one thing that separates them from other steroid product is the fact that they are gentle to the human body.

Discovering Dianabol Steroid

DianabolDianabol or Dbol Steroids contain the main compound Methandrostenolone which is responsible for the androgenic and anabolic effects the bodybuilder experiences. Dianabol tablets are the only version of anabolic steroids developed to boost athletic performance back in the 40s through to the 50s. Methandrostenolone mimicked the anabolic effects caused by testosterone in the body with mild androgenicity to worry about. When athletes used the Dianabol pills, they felt their optimal performance increase and gained an advantage over their opponents. This is why so many repeated athletic champions emerged from Russia back in the 50s. Soon the whole world discovered the benefits of D-bol pills and the astounding benefits it had to offer.

Functions of Dbol Steroid

The first function of the Dianabol pills, once they are ingested, is to boost protein synthesis in the body. This is done by first curbing the loss of nitrogen in the body and catalyzing glycogenolysis. Muscle cells and all other cells in the body begin to generate muscle blocks and this state is maintained as long as there is plenty of nitrogen around. Muscle contains about 16% nitrogen, and the absence of nitrogen is what leads to muscle degeneration.

Compared to the normal anabolic steroids, Dianabol tablets are quite fast acting in promoting muscle generation. With the absence of one carbon bond to make the structure less androgenic, the speed of mass and strength gain is twice that of anabolic steroids. A lot of the upcoming bodybuilders have attested to gaining as much as 20 pounds in just a month or less. Approximately 4 pounds of lean muscle is gained every week not forgetting the extra energy and endurance that comes with it.

Nonetheless, perhaps one of the biggest reasons why athletes, and a reasonable amount of bodybuilders are running to Dbol tablets is the ‘feel good’ factor. The D-bol tablets optimize the functions of the body, especially those that contribute to proper physical function and mental well being of the body. The Methandrostenolone in the pills also boosts insulin levels in the body and this in turn regulates sugar levels in the body. Insulin also boosts proper metabolism in the body, enhancing better intake of nutrients and the Dbol steroid supplements.

Overtime, one’s sleep patterns begin to improve due to proper body metabolism and the calming effect of D-bol steroids. Methandrostenolone in the D-bol steroid promotes better RNA synthesis, especially when working out hard in the gym. Additionally, the D-bol tablets reduce body exhaustion which explains why recovery periods after workouts are shorter. Muscle repair is fast as well, putting less time from one work out to the other, and in the end a faster way to build muscle and strength.

With Dbol tablets in your system, your catabolic stress is reduced and the body recovers quicker no matter how hard the training was. Dianabol ensures that the body is well protected as metabolism remains optimized despite the rapid activities happening on the outside. You could be lifting heavier weights, training on a harder course or climbing an even steeper heel in your racing bike but internal metabolism will always remain constant. This action mimics that of Protex, an anabolic steroid whose sole purpose is to protect internal body organs and metabolic rates to avoid damage due to a change in training levels.

The Side Effects of Dbol Pills

Despite how convenient the Dbol pills are in boosting body strength and building muscle mass fast, there are still some drawbacks to the drug. The less androgenic effects of the pills also pose a disadvantage when its use is prolonged. Effects associated with prolonged usage of D-bol tablets are as follows:

• In prolonged use, the Dianabol pills rapidly increases body weight which may pose a danger to cardiovascular functions. When the body feels heavy, the heart has to work twice as much to maintain the same level of blood flow. This means blood pressure goes up which is not what you want as a bodybuilder. It has also been proven that Dbol pills increase cholesterol levels in the blood stream.

• Though you feel good and energized when working out, this may turn into anxiety when you are off the training pitch or gum. Even after a successful workout session, the Dianabol steroid takes time to clear in the system, which means the athlete’s or bodybuilder’s mood will remain aggravated. This sudden shift in mood is not at all conducive for the well being of the individual.

• Prolonged use of Dbol tablets leads to an excess of testosterone in the system which may be broken down to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone. This latter chemical is a leading cause of hair loss on the face, scalp and body. If no regulation of the anabolic steroid is observed, the athlete or bodybuilder may end up bald.

• Gynecomastia is another possible threat from prolonged Dianabol use. Gynecomastia or man boobs begin to show when excess estrogen is in the body, triggered by the breakdown of excess testosterone. Thus it really beats the point of having bigger biceps but saggy tits in the long run.

The trick lies in finding a balance that works for you as an individual bodybuilder. Dianabol steroid is not the kind you initiate a cycle for, but when used with anabolic steroids a cycle can be achieved. A lot of the bodybuilders today are mixing Dianabols with Protex, Epi 2A3A or any other anabolic steroid they can find in the market. One will wear off the side effects of the other, thus ensuring the general well being of the fitness trainer.

Where to Buy Dianabol Online

There are many bodybuilding websites today advertising one brand of Dianabol pills or the other like Dianabol for sale. Such a wide selection of D-bol tablets can be confusing, so it’s always a safe bet to first research on the product before purchasing it. Determine the manufacture, the website’s reputation, and customer’s opinion before you buy Dbol online. Find out the side effects of the specific D-bol pills you want to purchase and how you can manage these effects in the long run while using the products. If you still don’t have an idea on how to go about this whole process of purchasing, consult an experienced fitness trainer who will guide you on the same.

Dianabol steroid will affect each bodybuilder differently, which also determines what dosage each person gets. Consult a physician first on whether you are fit to use the Dbol steroids or if previous medication may bar you from supplementing. When it comes to Dbol pills and anabolic steroids, it’s always a good idea to go with your own pace.

Bottom Line

Dianabol steroids are perhaps the most sort-after bodybuilding supplements for those who want to boost their performance. It has milder side effects compared to anabolic steroids and is twice as fast in producing the same results. Make sure you have done the research before you buy D-bol online to avoid any unwanted problems that may arise from the using the product.

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