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Clenbuterol Steroid Use, Effects, And Benefits

What Are Clen Steroids

Clenbuterol Steroids are not actually steroids. They fall into a group known as ‘beta-2 antagonists’. They share a few similarities with stimulants that increase your blood pressure, cause you to sweat, and increase your heart rate. The effects are quite similar to amphetamines or ephedrine. Clenbuterol has been hailed as being the ‘cousin’ to ephedrine.

This steroid is used by many bodybuilders and weight-conscious people to burn fat and lose weight. It burns the fat calories your body has already stored as fuel which gives you extra energy. This work is done prior to your body reaching other fuel sources.

This steroid contains some amazing properties such as –

Assisting in Muscle Retention
Boosting Aerobic Capacity
Decreasing Muscle Loss

and helping you to become larger and ripped. Most new users come away totally amazed at the results they get from this steroid.

Clenbuterol and Celebrities Who Use It

Clenbuterol does have some alternative names which are –

Sopharma Clen
Clenbuterol Hydrochloride

and some examples of celebrities who have used it are Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham, and Lindsay Lohan.

Side Effects

While Clenbuterol is very effective it still remains at the top of the list for controversial drugs being used by bodybuilders. Naturally, there are always people out there trying to scare people away from one product to another, so the reviews can be over-hyped. Some claim it’s the best, others say it’s the worst. The truth usually lies in the middle somewhere.

With that being said, there are some cold hard side effects that can be experienced from using Clenbuterol. They include things like –

Blood Pressure Problems
Body Over-Heating
Heart Palpitations
Heart Problems
Abnormal Sweating
Muscle Cramps

and nobody is claiming that Clenbuterol is ‘side effects’ free. There are risks involved that users need to seriously consider before they indulge in its use.

Clenbuterol Weight Loss

ClenHollywood celebrities have discovered the effectiveness of Clenbuterol for weight loss. They see it as a ‘wonder drug’ that helps them stay competitive within their industry. They say Clenbuterol is the reason for many of the small, trim bodies among the Hollywood elite.

Women who need to drop a few pounds prior to a special event love the way it helps them drop the weight in a ridiculously quick fashion. One of the nicknames they use for it is the ‘size zero pill’.

It is still unknown how it works so fast to cause fat loss and increase muscle growth. As of now no human research exists to confirm its safety or measure its effectiveness. Most of the research and study has been limited to only observing its effects on animals. The studies from this animal research does reveal a large capacity for increasing skeletal muscle and inducing fast weight loss.

The Legal Ramifications

In lots of countries like Europe, Australia, and the United States, Clenbuterol can only be used legally to treat horses for asthma. However, Canada and the UK it IS NOT ILLEGAL to purchase it or possess it for private use. The stipulation to this legality is that there is not enough in one’s possession to be deemed as ‘intending to supply’. In those cases possession would be prosecutable.

Clenbuterol has created a huge black market platform. There is always the risk that you could be buying counterfeit Clenbuterol. What you purchase may contain very little, if any at all, of the active ingredients that make true Clenbuterol. Even worse, you might wind up with something that is contaminated. This steroid is constantly being smuggled in from countries like Canada and Mexico into the United States.

Clen Tablets or Clen Pills vs. Clen Steroid Liquid

The biggest difference between taking the Clen tablets/Clen pills and using the liquid form is the time it takes to get into your bloodstream. The liquid form is more quickly broken down and absorbed into your bloodstream than when you take the Clenbuterol tablets or Clenbuterol pills.

One of the largest issues with the use of the syrup form is in the measuring. It’s very easy to measure it inaccurately when you read the lines they have on the dispenser. You may not get the amount you anticipated.

The liquid form comes in both a syrup and an injectable form. These 2 forms, however, are not interchangeable. You should never make the mistake of using one for the other. If you should swallow an injectable form you could experience intense nausea, vomiting, and discomfort.

Taking a Liquid Clenbuterol Steroid

One of the benefits of using a Liquid Clenbuterol steroid is being able to break down the dosage into the amount you want. It can be small or large and you are in control. In syrup form you count out the number of drops until you reach the appropriate dose. In injectable form you use the gradiation found on the cylinder of your syringe until you have the desired dosage.

The syrup forms will be very sweet. They contain very high levels of sugar which may affect how your body metabolizes it. Some people are very hypersensitive to high fructose corn syrup and should take with caution.

Everybody has a different metabolism. The dosage you take should be matched to your body’s unique physiological and physical needs. Everybody has a specific amount that their body will be able to handle properly. This will depend on factors like –

Body Weight
Physical Makeup
Digestive Traits
Metabolic Rate

and the goals and results the user wishes to achieve. Most of the time, however, people just follow the standard cycle whether they are men or women.

Avoid The Side Effects

The best way to avoid the side effects of a Clen steroid is to gradually decrease your dosage. When taken properly any side effects are minimal. If you should decide to stop taking it abruptly or have to do it unexpectedly, you could experience some severe side effects. It all depends on the user’s overall health and whether they have been over-using their Clen weight loss system.

Again, everyone’s body and metabolism are different. That means not everyone will experience side effects to the same degree of intensity if at all.

Is it Safe to Buy Clenbuterol Online?

If you would like to buy Clen online but are worried about the legal repercussions you shouldn’t be. This substance has never been placed on the FDAs ‘banned substance list’. To date you have no specific laws to contend with when you buy Clen online.

Even though it has been classified as a ‘bronchodilator’ it’s still not for humans to use. According to the FDA policies it can only to be used for treating horses for asthma. It cannot appear on any supplement or medication intended for humans use.

The way to buy it safely online in the United States is to locate companies who are selling it as a raw chemical product. That makes it absolutely legal to buy and possess. That also means you’re able to buy Clen online without a prescription and without breaking any of the FDA’s laws or regulations. It’s a matter of knowing where to look.

Avoid popular online stores or in the usual online markets Google will take you to. You’ll be hard pressed to find any in those places. The good news is that you can find plenty of online communities who are totally dedicated to Clenbuterol steroids. Most of these websites explain exactly how you can buy it legally online.

The side effects, while formidable, should not scare anyone away from using this steroid and enjoying its benefits. There are guides available online as well that explain how to use it get the best results without complications. Always read the FAQs when you research it online for yourself.

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