Scrambled Whale

Can you match the word to its scramble?

For the answers and a definition, click on the scrambled word.

1. whale a. likrl
2. gray b. terhoeemmo
3. migration c. feskul
4. mammal d. girchbean
5. echolocation e. woollehb
6. blowhole f. faPicci ceOna
7. Pacific Ocean g. mmmlaa
8. spyhopping h. yarg
9. breaching i. neelab
10. Baja j. hawel
11. Alaska k. ratiminog
12. flukes l. psyphingpo
13. baleen m. jaBa
14. krill n. sklaAa
15. homeotherm o. tooleanohicc

Don't look below this line until you are finished!

a. krill - sometimes called fairy shrimp, these planktonic crustaceans are the favorite food of baleen whales (and blue sharks, too!).

b. homeotherm - whales are warm-blooded animals, meaning that they create their own body heat to keep them warm (just like us).

c. flukes - when a whale dives, it sometimes shows its tail; the two parts (lobes) of the tail are called flukes.

d. breaching - jumping; when a whale leaps out of the water, scientists call it breaching.

e. blowhole - an opening in the top of a whale's head that lets it breathe; toothed whales have one blowhole while baleen whales have two.

f.  Pacific Ocean - the largest of all oceans; nearly twice as large as the Atlantic.

g. mammal - a class of about 4,000 species of warm-blooded animals  who give live birth to their young, including humans and whales.

h. gray - the color of the gray whale, who performs the longest  migration of any mammal on Earth, traveling more than 10,000 miles each year!

i. baleen - a series of hard, fibrous plates that hang from the roof of the mouth of baleen whales and capture the planktonic organisms, like krill, upon which they feed.

j. whale - a kind of mammal that lives in the ocean and what this puzzle is all about!

k. migration - taking a trip; when animals move from one geographic location to the next, it's called migration.

l. spyhopping - sometimes whales stick their heads out of the water and take a look around; scientists call this behavior spyhopping.

m. Baja - the place south of California where gray whales go every winter to give birth to their babies, which are called calves.

n. Alaska - the place north of California where gray whales every summer to feed and fatten up for their long journey to Baja.

o. echolocation - a kind of whale sonar; whales and dolphins emit a series of clicks and whistles to identify their surroundings and help them find food.

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