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Goal: The goal of this exercise is to develop your skills at converting units of measurement. This skill can be of enormous benefit not only for your daily life but for your survival in this course as well.

Web Resource: Please review this one-page web site on how to convert units using a simple dimensional analysis: http://stimpy.chem.selu.edu/help/dimensional_analysis/ And for help with scientific notation: http://www.nyu.edu/pages/mathmol/textbook/scinot.html

Convert the following. Show your work using the dimensional analysis (where applicable). Use the back of this sheet of paper if needed.

500 millimeter (mm) = _________ meters (m)

700 nanometer (nm) = __________ m

30,000 m = _____________ kilometers (km)

3,000 m = ______ * 10^ _______ m

0.03 mm = ______ * 10^ _______ m

5,000,000,000 m = ______ * 10^ _____ km

430 nm = ______ * 10^ _______ m

32,000 feet (ft) = ___________ miles (mi)

25,520 ft = ____________ km

13 feet per second (ft/sec) = ____________ miles per hour (mi/hr)

30 mi/hr = ____________ ft/sec

10,550 leagues = ______________ miles

2,600 fathoms = ____________ ft

8,328 square feet (ft^2) = ________ square miles (mi^2)

Answer the following.

How many days does it take a wave traveling X feet per second to reach a point 4000 miles away? Assume that X equals your age (or the age you want to be!).

How much pressure is exerted on a cylindrical can that is 8 inches tall, 3 inches in diameter, when it is sent to a depth of 4,000 meters? Assume that water pressure increases 14.7 pounds per square inch every 33 feet in depth. Find the equation for the area of a cylinder in a book or the internet.

A humpback whale named Mo emits a high pitched sound to invite his friend to a tasty plankton dinner. His friend is 52 miles away. How long will it take for Mo to receive a reply if his message is answered immediately? Assume the speed of sound in water is 1480 meters per second (m/sec)

Explain in 300 words or less why units of measurement are important to you in your life.