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Scientific and Educational Information on Indian Ocean Tsunami Dec. 26 2004

Given the magnitude and unprecedented devastation of this tsunami, I'm posting a special section here to provide some scientific background for the event. I am not an expert on tsunamis but I am an educator interested in disseminating accurate scientific information and learning more about these oceanic natural hazards. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions, comments or contributions, drc@oceansonline.com

Simple Science Could Have Saved Thousands, [PDF] Lerner-Lam et al, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, editorial in Los Angeles Times, 12/30/2004

USGS Sunda Trench Earthquake and Aftershock Map [PDF]

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake graphic [PNG]

Tectonic Summary of Sumatra Earthquake, NEIC, USGS

Tsunami wave travel times chart and maximum computed amplitudes, [PDFs] from Facility for Analysis and Comparison of Tsunami Simulations (FACTS)

Tsunami Bulletin Number 003, Dec. 27, 2004, from NOAA Pacific Tusnami Warning Center indicating 2.6-Meter tsunami event at Manzanillo, Mexico. [PDF]

Tsunamis on the Coastlines of India, Murty and Bapat, Science of Tsunami Hazards, Vol. 17 (3), 1999 [PDF]. These scientists proposed an Indian Ocean warning system as early as 1996.

Gif animation of Dec 26 2004 tsunami by Kenji Satake, National Institute Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan, from http://staff.aist.go.jp/kenji.satake/animation.gif

DHI Software animations of 2004 tsunami, including local pathways around Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka

Powerpoint presentation of satellite images [~8MB ppt file] showing pre- and post-event destruction on several islands, from National Remote Sensing Agency, India, http://www.nrsa.gov.in/

Tsunami Great Waves, NOAA/UNESCO/ITIC/LDG publicaiton explaining tsunamis [PDF]

Chapter 10, Waves (including tsunamis) [PDF] by Chamberlin and Dickey, Exploring the World Ocean, to be published by McGraw-Hill Higher Education, in preparation.

More on Extreme Waves, from Chamberlin and Dickey [PDF]


Wikpedia Summary of 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami - Excellent Reference

National Institute of Oceanography, India - Select tide gauge records of tsunami event

International Coordination Group for Tsunami Warning System in the Pacific, UNESCO

Deep-Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis (DART) Buoys for Tsunami Detection in Pacific Ocean

Seismograms of Event at Various Iris Stations

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory Tsunami Research Program - good info, animations, inundation maps

Tsunami experiment and excellent animation/explanation from Bigelow Marine Labs

Useful Blogs

The Southeast Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

Speed of Thought - Seismo - Thanks for the link!