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Dr. Chamberlin's Summer 2004 Online Course Guidelines

This page last updated: Friday, June 4, 2004 10:38 AM

11. Discussion Assignments

The bulk of our work in this course centers around studying the textbook and responding to quiz and exam questions. However, a good part of what we learn in college also relates to our academic goals and life-long passions. What's the point of being in college if it doesn't prepare us for our careers and life?

One way to prepare for the real world is to get to know your classmates and to share your knowledge with them on a weekly basis. Such interactions are among the most important in a virtual classroom (and in the working world) as they foster the development of a tight-knit learning community that can provide academic and even moral support (helping and encouraging each other is always welcome). Every single person in this world has something to teach you and you may be amazed what insights you can gain from others if you are willing to listen and share.

You will be asked to complete FOUR DISCUSSION ASSIGNMENTS as part of the course requirements. The discussion board can be found on our WEBCT course site.

During the first week of our course, you will be asked to tell us a little about yourself so that we may get to know you better. You must post an introduction by 1155 PM, FRIDAY, JUNE 4, or you may be dropped from the course for non-attendance. This is the only attendance-taking device we have in this course so please be diligent about participating or you can be dropped. One week in summer is the equivalent of a month in a regular semester.

For the remainder of our assignments, you will be asked to review a CURRENT ocean-related news article from a reputable source on the internet (a newspaper, newsmagazine, a journal or some news-generating service.) The article must be dated within one week of the date that you post it. You must summarize the basic points of the article, argue for or against the scientific validity of those points, relate to us what further information is needed to verify the article, and how the article relates to our studies. You must also include the URL to the site where you found the article.

You must REPLY TO MY MESSAGE with an ORIGINAL MESSAGE of your own by viewing my message and clicking on REPLY. Do NOT click on REPLY PRIVATELY.

NEVER CLICK ON COMPOSE MESSAGE...EVER! It creates mass confusion on the discussion board. REPLY, REPLY, REPLY...

You must also post REPLIES to at least TWO CLASSMATES.

Full points -- 25 points -- are only awarded for completing all three posts. In other words, you must post your original reply to me and two replies to classmates to earn full points. No partial points will be given.

More details will be made available on the Discussion Board and through the mailing list.

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