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Dr. Chamberlin's Summer 2003 Online Course Guidelines

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3. Textbook Requirements

Two inexpensive but essential textbooks are required for this course. These books are designed to fire you up about oceanography and provide you with the basic materials that will lead you to oceanography nirvana. These books are not optional; you will not succeed in the course without them AND you can purchase them both for $40-60, which is less than the price of a single, hardback textbook.

All students are required to purchase an approved copy of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne and The Remarkable Ocean World of Jules Verne: A Study Guide for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by W. Sean Chamberlin, Ph.D. We will use both books extensively and supplement them with information available online.

Either of two versions of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea are approved for this course. The best choice is the Naval Institute Press edition of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea: The Completely Restored and Annotated Edition by Jules Verne translated by Walter James Miller and Frederick Paul Walter, ISBN 0-87021-678-3, paperback edition, 1993. This version features large print and footnotes at the bottom of each page of text. It retails in the $20-25 category. The cover of this book looks like this:

book cover of Walter and Miller's 20,000 Leagues

Alternatively, you may purchase the Oxford World's Classic Edition of Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas translated by William Butcher, ISBN 0-19-282839-8, paperback edition, 1998. This standard paperback version has great footnotes but they are at the back in an appendix, which I don't find very convenient while I am reading. However, it retails in the $6-8 category, so if money is tight, this version will suffice. The cover of this book looks like this:

book cover of Butcher's version of 20,000 leagues

Do not purchase and/or read any other version of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Other versions lack footnotes, their translations are poor and they are often missing huge chunks of text. Your success in this course will suffer miserably without one of these versions of the book. Miller and Walter's and Butcher's translations provide excellent footnotes that are vital to our study of oceanography.You may purchase the Butcher text at the Fullerton College bookstore or you can find either of these texts online from any book vendor who carries these editions. If you click on book titles linked above, you will be taken directly to amazon.com where you can buy the book.

In addition, you must purchase The Remarkable Ocean World of Jules Verne: A Study Guide for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by W. Sean Chamberlin, Ph.D. This text contains all the study questions and links to resources for interpreting the scientific aspects of Verne's novel. A copy of this text can be purchased for $30.95 either through the Fullerton College bookstore, www.kendallhunt.com or amazon.com. The cover of this textbook looks like this:

book cover of the remarkable ocean world of jules verne study guide

Now I realize that some of you will want to skimp on buying books. But face it, you are only skimping yourself. I've made every effort to keep the costs of your books below $60, which is pretty reasonable for a college course in this day and age. The oceanography textbook used in other courses runs from $85-100 so feel fortunate you're taking this class. I urge you to find a way to buy the books. You might be able to find cheap used copies of Butcher's or Walter and Miller's text at the Book Baron in Fullerton or Anaheim or through abebooks.com. It's worth a look. Please don't attempt this course without the book.

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