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All the Gifts from the Sea
You'll Ever Need!

Learn about the oceans while you shop.
The Remarkable Ocean World, in print, on sale now. Click here!

Where do you want to shop today?*
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ocean movies?
Abyss, Jaws, Titanic, White Squall with mini-reviews & ratings!
ocean books?
Perfect Storm,  Longitude, any books, kid's books, too!
ocean music?
Beach Boys, Elton John, Blink182,  Korn DJ Dan, mp3s!
ocean gifts?
original, hand-made sea shell wreaths by Laurie Brown & more
ocean toys?
Pokemon, Barbie, Little Mermaid, other stuff  from ToysRUs!
ocean clothing?
outdoor gear, boots, leather jackets and cool clothing from LL Bean!
ocean sports?
surf, wake, snow and skate-boards and accessories!
ocean games?
Nintendo, Playstation, Ecco the Dolphin and many more!
ocean learning?
hooked on phonics, recorded books and other educational items!
ocean beauty?
perfumes, cosmetics, hand lotions, massage oils and more!
ocean food?
nutritional products, beauty aids,  Burpee seeds, and groceries!
ocean supplies?
squid-ink pens, kelp paper, urchin spine thumbtacks and... (j/k!)
ocean Disney?
check out  the happiest place to shop for Disney gifts from the sea
ocean electronics?
computers, monitors, printers, more!
ocean pets?
aquariums, pet food, pet clothing, pet toys, pet stuffies & more!
ocean personals?
find an ocean soulmate to walk on the beach with or ???
ocean greetings?
greeting cards, notecards, e-cards, gifts & more
ocean art?
the kinds of things you find in art museums, like MoMA!
ocean internet?
AOL sign up, Alta Vista search, Linkshare and more!
ocean whatever?
 random things for those who don't know what they want

*By entering these merchant web sites through our site and making a purchase, you help support our educational mission. Affiliate programs award various percentages in commission to approved sites such as ours. Through these commissions, we hope to offer greater content, enhanced interactivity, expanded multimedia and increased services to you and our students. Thank you in advance for shopping with our affiliates!

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