Satellite Oceanography

Please read the SeaWIFS links. They are short and will give you an excellent overview of the many NASA missions dedicated to understanding our oceans from space. If you are interested, the other links provide excellent information on satellite oceanography as well.

Required Reading:


SeaWIFS Project Tutorial: Ocean Color From Space

SeaWIFS Project Tutorial: What We See From Space

SeaWIFS Project Tutorial: Phytoplankton

SeaWIFS Project Tutorial: Carbon

SeaWIFS Project Tutorial: Earth and the Greenhouse Effect

Recommended Reading:


Revealing new insights into ocean circulation and the sea floor

TOPEX-Poseidon at a Glance

Get to Know Our Ocean Planet


Read about NASA's latest satellite for measuring winds

NASA Scatterometer

SeaWinds on QuikScat

SeaWinds in ADEOSII

Human Applications

Satellites used to help predict disease outbreaks in Africa

Real-Time Satellite Data on the Oceans

Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center

Optimum Thermal Interpolation System

Useful Links:

Physical Oceanography from Space