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World Ocean Day

Reference Resources for Exploring the World Ocean by Chamberlin and Dickey, 2008

The following references were used in preparation of the text. They are provided here for students and instructors who wish to gain a broader knowledge and explore further the concepts and ideas presented in the textbook. References with an asterisk (*) are in Professor Sean’s collection. Feel free to ask about them. And if you know of a good reference that we have omitted, please let us know! (schamberlin@fullcoll.edu)
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Fictional Stories & Movies

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Finding Nemo. Walt Disney. 2003. (DVD)

This film provides a great lesson on ocean ecology in addition to being a favorite among students. What can we say? Everyone loves Nemo


*Deep Impact. 1998. Paramount. (DVD)

We just had to include the movie that inspired the name of the spacecraft that collided with the comet!

*Armageddon. 1998. Touchstone. (DVD)

Bruce Willis saves Earth from a deadly meteorite.

Dante’s Peak. 1997. Universal Pictures

Pierce Brosnan plays a USGS geologist.

*Journey to the Center of the Earth. 1959. Disney. (DVD).

A classic with Pat Boone at his best!

The Core. 2003. Paramount Pictures.

Films like these make good studies of bad Hollywood science.



*Volcano. 1997. 20th Century Fox.

Tommy Lee Jones battles a killer volcano.

Deep Star Six. 1989. Lions Gate. (DVD)

Another of the 1989 deep-sea movies, this film lacks much to recommend it other than some cool diving suits.

*Leviathan. 1989. MGM. (DVD).

A deep-sea mining rig on the seafloor unleashes a monster. This film has great scenes of robotic diving suits.



*The Abyss. 1989. 20th Century Fox. (DVD)

Most of this movie takes place on the seafloor. It also features submersibles, ROVs, and AUVs. Professor Sean thinks this movie is one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time. The Director’s cut is recommended.

*The Hunt for Red October. 1990. Paramount Pictures. (DVD)

Sean Connery is outstanding as a defecting Russian submarine commander. Their run through “Thors Twins” and the Reykenes Ridge off Iceland is priceless as a lesson in undersea navigation.

*Titanic. 1997. Paramount. (DVD)

Director James Cameron provides a compelling story of the fateful sinking of the Titanic. Professor Sean highly recommends that you see this film on a big screen television or the theatre!



Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. 2004. 20th Century Fox. (DVD)

Professor Sean loves this movie for its scenes of using the wind strategically, sailing through the Drake Passage, and studying evolution in the Galapagos Islands.

Mutiny on the Bounty. 1935. Warner Video. (DVD)

This classic film features an outstanding scene of a ship in the doldrums and a Captain’s ruthless means for getting a ship through them.

White Squall. 1996. Walt Disney Video (DVD).

Based on a real incident, this moving film depicts what happens when 13 boys and three adults on a sailing ship meet a force of nature greater than themselves.



Wind. 1992. Sony Pictures (DVD).

Haven’t seen this one but it gets great reviews for its depiction of competitive sailing.

Adrift. 1993. Lion’s Gate DVD

Beware who you take on board your sailing ship.

Lifeboat by Alfred Hitchcock. 1944. 20th Century Fox. DVD

Water, water everywhere, but nary a drop to drink. And lots of drama!



*Blue Crush. 2002. Universal Studios. (DVD)

This is one of the only movies devoted to female surfers, an oft-neglected group of athletes.

*Blue Hawaii. 1961. Paramount. (DVD)

What’s a study of waves without Elvis?



*Gidget. 1959. (DVD)

Sandra Dee as Gidget brought surfing to the national attention. Soon after this movie, surfing popularity skyrocketed. Though some pro surfers disagree, Professor Sean thinks that’s a good thing. Check out the sequels, too.

*Gidget: The Complete Series. 1965. (DVD)

This is the outstanding series spawned from the movie, starring Sally Field. Professor Sean has watched every episode!

Lilo and Stitch. 2002. Disney Pictures. (DVD)

Awesome animated film with a funny story and a message.



*The Poseidon Adventure. 1972. 20th Century Fox. (DVD)

This classic film ranks among the finest “tidal wave” disaster movies, despite its cheeseball plot.

*Ride the Wild Surf. 1964. Columbia Pictures (DVD)

With Fabian, Shelly Fabares, Tab Hunter and Barbara Eden, you can kind of guess where this film is going. Loves it!



*Riding Giants. 2005. Sony Pictures. (DVD)

The history of big wave surfing. Epic!

*Step Into Liquid. 2003. Artisan. (DVD)

A terrific survey of the culture of surfing from Lake Michigan to Hawaii.

*The Endless Summer. 1964. Image Entertainment. (DVD)

Just thinking about this movie makes us want to ditch it all and surf the rest of our lives!



The Prince of Tides. 1991. Sony Pictures (DVD)

*Deep Blue Sea. 1999. Warner Brothers (DVD).

Mutant sharks.



*Jason and the Argonauts. 1963. Columbia Tristar (DVD).

A classic with special effects by Ray Harryhausen.

*Jaws. 1975. Universal (DVD).
The film that made great whites infamous.

*Open Water. 2004. Lions Gate (DVD).

Two divers get left behind.



*Seaquest DSV: Season One. 1992. Universal (DVD).

Professor Sean’s dream job, to work aboard Seaquest...LOL.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. 2004. Paramount. (DVD)

Who wouldn’t love a sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

*Spongebob Squarepants “Plankton”. 1999. Paramount. (DVD or VHS).

A classic and one of Professor Sean’s favorite early episodes.


*20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 1916. Image Entertainment (DVD).

Silent film, notable as one of the first underwater movies!

Note: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea relates to a number of oceanographic processes and concepts. I’ve used the underwater segments of the Disney version to stress the influence of phytoplankton on ocean color, thus, their placement here.

*20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 1954. Disney (DVD).

With Michael Douglas and James Mason.

This classic by Jules Verne provided a window to the undersea world long before Jacques Cousteau. The giant squid scene is priceless.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 1996. Allumination (DVD).

With Richard Crenna and Ben Cross.

*20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 1997. Warner Home Video (DVD).

With Michael Caine.

*Happy Feet. 2006. Kingdom Feature Productions, Animal Logic, Kennedy Miller Productions, Village Roadshow Pictures. (DVD)

An animated delight. It will make you happy while you learn about the light of the penguins and the effects of humans on the Antarctic.

*March of the Penguins. 2005. National Geographic/Warnier Independent Production. (DVD)

Beautiful, epic, thought-provoking, this movie depicts the life cycle of the Emperor Penguin.

Miller, Walter James and Frederick Paul Walter. 1993. Translation of Jules Verne’s 1870 classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Naval Institute Press: NY.

Reference for: Chapter 9, World Ocean Circulation.

*Verne, Jules. 1864. Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Though fictional, Verne drew on the best available science of the day to compose his stories. This account is a wonderful tale of discovery and exploration of Earth’s interior.

Dark Tides. 1999. Rph Productions. (DVD)

Tides of War. 1994. Organic Pictures. (VHS)


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