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Reference Resources for Exploring the World Ocean by Chamberlin and Dickey, 2008

The following references were used in preparation of the text. They are provided here for students and instructors who wish to gain a broader knowledge and explore further the concepts and ideas presented in the textbook. References with an asterisk (*) are in Professor Sean’s collection. Feel free to ask about them. And if you know of a good reference that we have omitted, please let us know! (schamberlin@fullcoll.edu)
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Biodiversity & Animal Ecology

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*Groombridge, Brian, and Martin D. Jenkins. 2002. World Atlas of Biodiversity: Earth’s Living Resources in the 21st Century. University of California Press: CA

Reference for: Chapter 12, Ocean Biodiversity

This book summarizes the diversity of organisms in the world’s major habitats, their biogeography, and their status. It’s an enormous and important undertaking. To their credit, the authors include numerous references. Although the marine pelagic sections of this book will likely require revision, especially in view of efforts by the Census of Marine Life, anyone with an interest in biodiversity and conservation will find this a very useful volume.


*Norse, Elliott A., editor. 1993. Global Marine Biological Diversity: A Strategy for Building Conservation into Decision Making. Island Press: Washington DC.

Reference for: Chapter 12, Spotlight 12.1, Table 12.5, Ocean Biodiversity

*Arthur, Wallace. 2006. Creatures of Accident: The Rise of the Animal Kingdom. Hill and Wang: NY

Excellent review of the most recent scientific thinking about the rise of complexity in modern organisms.


*Bagemihl, Bruce. 1999. Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. St. Martin’s Press: NY

This comprehensive volume documents the evolutionary reasons for homosexuality and its widespread occurrence in the animal kingdom. It provides scientific insights into the reproductive behavior of the more than 300 birds and mammals that exhibit some form of homosexual behavior. It is a fascinating compilation and an important contribution to this subject.


*Alcock, John. 2001. Animal Behavior, 7th Edition. Sinauer Associates: MA

This general textbook on animal behavior is an excellent reference for instructors and students who wish to gain a fundamental knowledge and understanding of this broad field of study


*Margulis, Lynn and Karlene Schwartz. 1998. Five Kingdoms: An Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth. W.H. Freeman: NY

Reference for: Chapter 13, Table 13.3, Major Types of Phytoplankton



*Elton, Charles. Animal Ecology. 1927. University of Chicago Press: IL

Reference for: Chapter 14, The Foundations of Ecology


*Odum, Eugene. 1953. Fundamentals of Ecology. W. B. Saunders: PA

Reference for: Chapter 14, The Foundations of Ecology


*Clements, Frederic E., and Victor E. Shelford. 1939. Bio-Ecology. John Wiley & Sons: NY


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