Practice Exams for Section III

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Practice Exam #4

You will find that Exam #4 is of medium difficulty.

You will need a username and password to access these practice exam. The login requirement gives you a chance to make sure your username and password are correct and that you are entering it correctly. Make sure you type your username and password EXACTLY, as in all small letters. Do NOT use ALL CAPS.

This practice exam will give you an opportunity to become familiar with the types of questions I ask and to allow you to practice proper procedures for submitting an exam. Once you mark your exam, you will be asked to provide information to identify you. In the NAME box, type your NAME and SID#. In the E-MAIL box, type your full and correct E-MAIL ADDRESS. Note that e-mail addresses do not begin with www and aol users must include after their username. Finally, in the CLASS box, type your SECTION #. Failure to provide any of this information on a real exam will result in a zero (0), no exceptions. Make sure you do it right. If you accidentally submit the exam before you have a chance to enter this information, simply click on the BACK button, enter the proper information and re-submit the exam.

If you successfully enter all the information, you will receive a copy of your graded practice exam in your e-mail shortly after submitting it (say, within 15 minutes). If you do not receive the graded practice exam, then you did something wrong; most likely, you mistyped your e-mail address. Just go back to the exam and do it again. Practice makes perfect.

When you submit an exam, you will see a sponsors page with a link back to the course web site welcome page. If you do not see the welcome page, then you should click the back button and re-submit the practice exam.

During real exams, you will have two hours from the moment you log in to complete all 25 questions. If you fail to submit the exam within two hours for any reason, you will get a zero (0) for that exam. Power outages, computer failures, overloaded servers are not excuses. You have 14 days over which to log on and take the exam. Make sure you are ready and make sure everything is working before you log on. Do not wait until the very last minute or you run the risk of an overloaded server.

Make sure you read all the information at the top of the practice exam before you start taking it. Taking an exam online is quite easy and quite enjoyable. Just take your time, read very carefully and follow the directions. If you have any questions, please e-mail me

Required Reading

How did the oceans form?
Continental drift
Theory of plate tectonics
Hot spots
Where submarines lurk
Origins of life
Evolution of marine invertebrates
Dinosaurs of the sea
Gaia Thoughts

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