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Tutorial for Part One, Chapter One: A Moving Reef
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

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Audio Links for the Novel


The mp3 audio files provided here were adapted from a purchased copy of audible.com's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Under no circumstances should these files be copied or distributed. They are provided here for educational purposes only. You may purchase your own copies by visiting www.audible.com.

The audio files constitute an audio book; essentially, a narrator reads the novel. The advantage of hearing the novel read is that it comes alive in ways that don't happen when you simply read it. What's more, those of you whose learning styles are more tuned to audio will remember details that you might not from a simple reading. Of course, the best way to enjoy the book is to read it and listen to it.

Note that the audio version will differ somewhat from your textbook. That's because every translation of Verne's novel differs slightly. Don't be alarmed! The details of the story are intact.

While listening to the audio, think about the following questions:

  1. In what ways does the audio version and your textbook differ?
  2. In what ways does hearing the book read improve your experience of the novel?
  3. Describe to a classmate or friend what happens in this chapter using details from the audio version.

Playing the audio

To speed up download times, the audio for each chapter has been compressed into mp3 format and divided into smaller files.

To play, simply click on the file names below (for example, 20k_i1a.mp3). If your computer is configured properly, a sound media player will open and you will hear the audio.

Alternatively, you may download these files by right-clicking over the link and selecting "Save target as...". Play them on your computer using Windows Media Player or WinAmp.

If you have the Flash 6.0 player installed (a free plug-in), you may listen to the complete uninterrupted audio reading of this chapter by selecting the swf version.

mp3 versions

Flash 6.0 version

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