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New Supporting Members Information Page

Welcome to the Remarkable Ocean World!

Thank you for becoming a supporting member. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Shortly after mailing your membership form, you should receive an e-mail confirming that I received it. Included in that e-mail will be the most recent newsletter and your member password. Please make a note of your password. You may want to use it to access the members-only image gallery and any other special member pages that may appear from time to time. If you do forget your password, send me an e-mail and I will gladly look it up for you.

Your membership here helps support a growing number of students who are using the Internet and World Wide Web to complete their college studies. It provides financial support to improve and expand the resources available here. It helps create a student-centered, life-long fountainhead of knowledge. It allows me to engage students and other persons interested in the sea with a greater number of more powerful educational tools.

That said, I'd like to let you in on a few of the top-secret projects planned for the coming year(s):

Your questions, comments, suggestions, contributions, ideas and feedback are welcome! Please feel free to contact me,

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I didn't get my confirmation e-mail and member password?

Please e-mail me ASAP at

Why don't you take credit cards online?

I hope to address this question as soon as possible. I'd love to take credit cards online. Heaven knows that's how I spend most of my money! When it becomes feasible to do so, I will implement this feature. At the moment, the cost of implementing this service exceeds its practicality.

Why isn't my membership tax-deductible?

The Remarkable Ocean World is a single proprietor business dedicated to serving students and others with an interest in the sea. Application for non-profit status (which would get you that tax deducation!) involves lots of paperwork and additional costs. My aim is to generate just enough money to cover the costs of presenting and maintaining the site (i.e. hosting and domain fees, service providers, etc) and to employ a student or two to assist in site development. It's a little scheme I call a shareweb, based on the principles of shareware. By keeping costs to a minimum, I can solicit the most modest of donations.

Why don't you charge more for memberships?

There are a couple reasons. First, I want everyone all over the world to join me in this pioneering effort! I want to create a community of people who are united in their commitment to education for all people and who want to support a good cause for its own sake. Second, I don't want membership donations to be perceived as a money-making proposition. All donations go directly to support and improve the site. I already make plenty of money as a teacher to support myself. Third, if I charged more for memberships, I'd have to offer more. I really want to keep it simple. Finally, anyone is welcome to make additional donations in whatever amounts and currency they please. It all helps.

Where does my membership money go?

Your contribution goes into an account used to defray the costs of maintaining the site (~$130 per month at the moment). That account will also be used to employ students on a per-project basis to create new content, graphics and multimedia. This is not a professor-get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, it's a dream to help this site get bigger and better faster.

What if I want to donate more money?

There is no limit to the amount of money that you may send me. However, if the donations get too large, I might have to move to Tahiti.

What are your future plans for the Remarkable Ocean World?

That's a really good question. The sky's the limit, in one sense. As long as this site can continue to provide free and open access to information about the ocean, I'm willing to entertain ideas about partnerships or  incorporation, profit or non-profit. I have no desire to turn this into a site that is heavily password protected and where access is limited according to how much you pay. If money can be made here without compromising the educational mission, then those avenues will be explored. The Gift Shop, Bookstore and Affiliate Programs, which are ancillary to the educational content, have been approached in that manner.