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Educational Resources, Materials, Guides and Links
NASA Resources for Educators: Categorical Links
NASA Educational Resources: Specific Links
NASA Instructional Materials Links
NASA Educational Services Links
JPL Education Page
PUMAS: a collection of one-page contributions from K-12 teachers on teaching math and science
Ask an expert about astronomy. Coming early 2000.
Home Planet: a comprehensive astronomy/space/satellite-tracking package for Windows
National Teachers Enhancement Network: The National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN) delivers quality teaching resources and professional development opportunities through the Internet directly to K-12 science teachers.
NASA Quest: An Educational Project dedicated to the Space Shuttle
Reaching for the Red Planet: an encompassing curriculum designed for grades 4-6
Exploring Planets in the Classroom: Hands-On Activities
Upcoming Planetary Events and Missions, including the Pioneer 11 (launched 1973) flyby of the star Lambda Aquila in the year 4,000,000

Mars Sites Galore
Mars Millenium Project: Design a Community for Inhabiting Mars, for K-12
Mars Education: Curriculum materials and links for K-12 educators
Mars Surveyor Program
Mars Polar Lander Program
The Mars Society: Dedicated to colonization of Mars
Mars Climate Orbiter Investigation Phase 1 Report
Mars Arctic Research Station: Designed to test human habitats for use on Mars
Mars News: For the latest on Mars Exploration
Exploring Mars Web Site: news and information as well as history of Mars exploration
Fifth International Conference on Mars, July, 1999, Pasadena: Biological Potential
Mars Society Education Web; including Mars trivia game, Mars trip planner and Mars orbital tester
Mars Watch

Polar Lander Landing Info

Mars mission hotline (800) 391-6654 or (818) 354-2410 (Select 4 from voice menu)
The mars surveyor 98 press kit

NASA television will broadcast the landing and press conferences LIVE! NASA television is broadcast on the satellite GE-2, transponder 9C, C band, 85 degrees west longitude, frequency 3880.0 mhz, vertical polarization, audio monaural at 6.8 mhz.
View the landing of the Mars Polar Lander via the internet here
Press releases archive of press releases relating to the mars climate orbiter and mars polar lander missions dating back to 1993.

Outer Planets
Cassini Mission to Saturn: all the latest on this bold mission to explore Saturn
The Galileo Mission to Jupiter, Educator's Resources

Other Interesting Missions
STARDUST: First comet sample return mission
ULYSSES: Mission to explore the sun.

Awesome Images
NASA Photojournal: a huge collection of NASA images from all missions
Finley-Holiday, the source for NASA images on 35mm slides

Other Cool Galactic Stuff
The Orange County Register's online science page is better than the paper version!
News about Space
Time magazine online: The most important events of the millennium.
The Search for Extraterrestrial Life at Home (SETI): Find aliens using your home computer.
Windows to the Universe: awesome, fun, graphics-intensive, information rich exploration of the Universe
The Observatorium; NASA site for Earth and space data and other stuff, like a virtual coloring book.
Life on Other Planets in the Solar System; an excellent summary of hydrothermal vents, subterranean bacteria and possibilities for life on Europa and elsewhere; maintained by fellow Ambassador Greg Turner
NASA Solar System Ambassadors Links; links to Solar System Ambassador pages, many of whom are educators
Official NASA Solar System Home Page
The Remarkable Ocean World; take an oceanography course online and learn about the oceans with Solar System Ambassador and Assistant Professor W. Sean Chamberlin, PhD; this site is dedicated to providing the world's largest source of information about the oceans; find these links on this site