Fridtjof Nansen and the Fram

Our next tale takes us to the far northern reaches of the globe where we encounter one of the most remarkable humans ever to grace our globe, the Norwegian "oceanographer", Fridtjof Nansen. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922 for his humanitarian efforts during World War I, this man's accomplishments extend far beyond the boundaries of the ocean.

Let me start with the description of his grave marker provided in the introduction of Linn Ryne's web site, Fridtjof Nansen: Man of Many Facets:

Fridtjof Nansen; just the name. No eulogies adorn the simple grave in the quiet garden outside Oslo. No dates are inscribed upon it. Somehow this is fitting. For there is a timelessness about great men; and in Norway, and indeed the world, Nansen was among the greatest...The sheer range of his accomplishments was astonishing. He was explorer, author, athlete, oceanographer, statesman, and laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition, he saved the lives of countless thousands through his humanitarian work after the first World War.

Of course, we know Nansen for his accomplishments in oceanography. To this day, his observations of Arctic sea life, including ice algae, and his invention of ocean sampling methods, such as the Nansen sampling bottle, provide contemporary value to the field of oceanography.

Rather than summarize Nansen's many accomplishments here at this time, let me direct you to four excellent web sites. You may also find a summary of Nansen's oceanographic accomplishments in Duxbury's textbook. Read thoroughly at least one of the first four sites listed. You should also look at the description of Nansen's expeditions aboard the Fram, the Norwegian word for "forward" in the last web site listed.

I will be adding my own text here at a future date.

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