Nation's Largest Theater Chain, to Release New Climate Change Film
by Sean Chamberlin - Wednesday, 4 October 2006, 07:17 AM

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Nation's Largest Theater Chain, to Release New Climate Change Film
By M&C News
Oct 4, 2006, 19:00 GMT

New York, NY -- A new documentary film, ‘The Great Warming,’ examining world-wide issues of climate change and offering many real-world solutions, will be released nationwide through the Regal Cinema chain on Nov. 3, with an initial showing in the top 50 markets in the country, it was announced Oct 3 by producer Karen Coshof of Stonehaven Productions.

Coshof noted the launch marks an opening of at least three times more screens than any film of its kind.

“Regal’s acceptance of ‘The Great Warming’ is of special significance as the company generally doesn’t exhibit independent documentary films,” said Coshof. “This is a testament to Regal’s recognition and support of the movie’s commercial viability and to the wide public interest in finding ways to reverse the degradation of the planet.”

Coshof said the film is built on solid science, and roams the political and faith spectrum from Evangelical Christians to Friends of the Earth, asking tough questions and offering insightful and thought-provoking solutions. It’s also populated with inventors, schoolchildren, researchers, farmers and entrepreneurs from around the world who are feeling the brunt of climate change and global warming, and/or finding innovative ways to tackle them.

In the months leading up to its national release, ‘The Great Warming’ (85 minutes) has attracted an unprecedented coalition of leaders in science, religion, business, environmental activism and education. 

These various groups have bridged historic gaps to join in support of the film, because “they believe in an individual and collective moral responsibility to reverse the growing threats to the environment and human health and well-being,” Coshof said.

To that end, a full-page ad will appear in a Washington D.C. newspaper in October, announcing a call to action signed by leaders from every sector.

More than a science lecture or a red alert, ‘The Great Warming’ is aimed at bringing average citizens up to speed on the issues that are and will continue to affect them. Its overall emphasis offers hope through real-world solutions that, if implemented, can make a difference now and into the future.

The film’s effectiveness is already proven, as grassroots screenings in recent weeks have mobilized members of hundreds of churches, schools, town halls and community organizations across the county.

“In the course of making this film, we were determined not to lose sight of our most important advocate, the person on the street,” said Coshof. “We wanted to make this issue resonate in every household everywhere. To engage not only the intellect, but most importantly the emotion and will of every person so that they feel empowered to act.”