Re: NASA Sees Rapid Changes in Arctic Sea Ice
by Ana Albarran - Sunday, 17 September 2006, 06:54 PM

     What will happen if the sea ice cover continues to decline? Everything is connected and affect the earth's surrounding. For example, with the global warming or the green house gases and the Artic sea ice melting affects the animals in the sea because if the ice does not melt completely, it flows and cuts the food in the sea for the animals. Everything that happen in our environment affect people and animals.

     This is something new to me. This is the first time I hear of the Artic sea ice melting and that in the future could be a problem for people. For example, the news from NSIDC reported that "in the reduction in summer ice cover likely plays a role by reducing surface albedo and thereby increasing the heat input into the ocean. A warmer ocean will subsequently delay the onset of autumn freeze-up." I am not sure of what does this means, but I think that in autumn would be colder of what it is now.

     If you could explain to me what would be the causes and the results about the Artic sea ice, I will appreciate it. Thank you.