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Dr. Chamberlin's Model Online Course

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This page last updated: Wednesday, August 28, 2002 7:21 PM

How to Use These Tutorials

The tutorials that follow may be viewed in two formats: Flash 6.0 or HTML.

The Flash 6.0 version offers the greatest learner interactivity and the smallest file sizes for downloading. However, it may not be completely accessible to users using web reader software or who are limited in their ability to perform mouse clicks.

The HTML version offers the same materials as the Flash version but lacks some of the interactivity. This version was developed with accessibility in mind and, to the best of my knowledge, meets the WAI and Section 508 guidelines for accessibility. (Note, however, that these pages have only been software tested for accessibility. They not been tested with a live person. Any suggestions on improving their accessibility are welcomed and greatly appreciated.)

Where separate Flash files exist for certain interactions (such as audio, video and quizzes), they have been linked with their alternatives in the HTML version.

Both versions are presented in a hierarchical manner where links should be followed from top to bottom. Simply click on the links for the pages you desire to view.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Good luck!

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