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Dr. Chamberlin's Model Online Course

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This page last updated: Wednesday, August 28, 2002 9:11 PM

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Project Overview

The tutorials here have been created as part of the requirements for a California Virtual Campus model online course grant awarded to W. Sean Chamberlin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Fullerton College.

The goals of this project include:

To achieve these goals, a tutorial-type, learner-centered instructional design was adopted. This design affords directed as well as independent learning. A hierarchical structure from general to specific serves as the foundation for each tutorials. Five lesson modules were included within each tutorial:

Branches to supplementary materials within each lesson module accomodate exploration and alternative delivery of instructional materials. Additionally, each lesson is structured in three parts:

Two versions of these tutorials have been created: one in Flash MX and one in static HTML. With the release of Flash MX in summer 2002, Macromedia has provided a powerful tool for creating learning interactions. This release also provides significant tools for making Flash accessible. However, because it is likely that not all students have downloaded the new Flash player and because accessibility has not been thoroughly evaluated, an HTML version was also created.

This project provides a model for improving the delivery of online courses and leveraging the benefits of online learning to all students, regardless of their background and skills. Hopefully, it represents a new era in online teaching, one that moves beyond the cumbersome and inflexible course managements systems currently available.

These tutorials are a works-in-progress and improvements are continually being made. If you have a suggestion or would like more information on their development, please feel free to contact me. The challenge of creating brighter, more passionate minds is ever my endeavor.

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