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bajaposterkidssm.jpg (10260 bytes) You have reached the home page for supporting members of the Remarkable Ocean World! This page will keep you in touch with all that is happening in the Remarkable Ocean World and will link you to many important member benefits.

Our mission is to host the largest collection of online oceanographic information and multimedia content in the world. By combining education, basic research and electronic publishing technology, we hope to foster a greater understanding of the sea and its inhabitants.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Because of you, greater resources will be available to advance these pioneering efforts. Your generosity brings smiles and thanks from all who benefit from and share your vision. Surf long and prosper!

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The Mission

My mission is to host  the largest collection of online oceanographic information and multimedia content in the world. By combining education, basic research and electronic publishing technology, I hope to foster a greater understanding of the sea and its inhabitants.

The Goal

Within the scope of the mission, I strive to:

provide educational and multimedia content for students and others with an interest in the sea;
contribute up-to-date scientific information for researchers, educators, students and others
promote an awareness of man's relationship with the sea, especially in art, literature, and film;
create a forum for student and community discussion of ocean-related issues;
celebrate the sea's propensity for fun and enjoyment!

Site Restrictions

Please be aware that this site serves many hundreds of students every semester.  To insure their privacy, some of the pages are password protected. You will not be allowed to view those pages. If you would like to know more about the educational aspects of this site, please feel free to contact me regarding your interests. I would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Please Sign Our Guestbook

Guestbooks promote a sense of community and indicate support for our mission. Won't you take a moment to sign ours? Please sign here.

Membership Benefits

The Remarkable Ocean World offers memberships for those who wish to support our mission and help us accomplish our pioneering goals. Your $5 annual membership donation helps offset the expenses of maintaining the site, allows us to add new features and lets us bring you the most up-to-date and complete oceanographic information possible. Most importantly, member support helps college students reach their dreams.

Except for student-safe sections of the site, all of the pages on this site are available for public use. They always have been and they always will be. Our library features over 300 pages of lecture notes created specifically to provide general information about the sea. The library also includes hundreds of digital images, audio files and video files available for viewing or download.

A few members-only pages and special events will be developed in the near future to add value to your membership. However, exclusivity and commercial gain are not the intent in offering these memberships. We truly hope you will share our vision of educating the young minds of the future and join us in this life-long journey.

Besides supporting a good cause, members benefit in these other important ways:

  • Your own special e-passport to the Remarkable Ocean World
  • A members-only home page, dedicated entirely to you
  • Monthly e-letter keeping you up-to-date with field trips, weekend expeditions, important ocean news happenings, web site updates and more
  • Access to a members-only image library featuring the best of my digital image collection on the oceans, deserts and mountains of the world
  • Member discounts on weekend expeditions to Monterey Bay and other ocean-related locations
  • Member discounts on gift shop items
  • Direct e-mail access to Dr. Sean, a world famous oceanographer

Click here for more information on becoming a supporting member.

Gift Shop

Heck, I love this site so much I wanted to offer t-shirts, coffee mugs and other goodies. Sometime in Fall 1999, I hope to open the gift shop (just in time for Christmas, hint, hint...). I will also offer special weeked expeditions to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and other gorgeous seaside locations. More details forthcoming! Click here to peek in the window of the Remarkable Ocean World Gift Shop.


What's an educational web site without a bookstore? The bookstore offers bound editions of the lecture note series and lab manual (coming soon!) published on this site. I will also offer a Forum for selling used books as well as links to online textbook vendors and commercial book and video vendors. Future offerings include a Remarkable Ocean World CD-ROM and Video Series. Stay tuned for more details! Click here to browse the shelves at the Remarkable Ocean World Book Store!

We Value Your Opinion

My cats and I really value what you think. Feedback from students, colleagues, and the occasional surfer (the electronic kind) has been instrumental in shaping the look and feel of this site. Your comments, suggestions, and contributions are most welcome. Send you ideas to

Thanks for Visiting!

Thank you for spending time here! We realize that you could have chosen to spend time on another web site, but we won't go into that. May the mystery of the sea surround you and fill you with wisdom, joy and hope! Surf long and prosper!