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Exploring the World Ocean

In preparation by W. Sean Chamberlin and Tommy Dickey

To be published by McGraw-Hill Higher Education In Janurary 2006

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Proposed Book Cover

Table of Contents [PDF]

Organization of Exploring the World Ocean [PDF]

Preface [PDF]

Chapter One: Introducing Oceanography and a World Ocean Perspective [PDF]

Chapter Two: Origins of the World Ocean, the Atmosphere and Life [PDF]

Chapter Three: Plate Tectonics: Theory and Evidence [PDF]

Chapter Four: Geologic Features of Ocean Basins [PDF]

Chapter Five: Marine Sediments and Paleoceanography [PDF]

Chapter Six: Seawater Chemistry and Marine Geochemistry [PDF]

Chapter Seven: Physical Properties of Seawater and the World Ocean [PDF]

Chapter Eight: Surface and Deep Circulation [PDF]

Chapter Nine: The World Ocean and Climate Change [PDF]

Chapter Ten: Ocean Waves [PDF]

Chapter Eleven: Ocean Tides [PDF]

Chapter Twelve: The Dynamics of Beaches [PDF]

Chapter Thirteen: The Coastal Ocean [PDF]

Chapter Fourteen: Marine Life from Microbes to Whales [PDF]

Chapter Fifteen: Global Primary Productivity [PDF]

Chapter Sixteen: Ocean Ecosystems and Fisheries [PDF]

Epilogue: The Future of Oceanography, coming soon