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at the Remarkable Ocean World

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Would you like to listen to some music?
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9.17.99 Jesus Raves
e-mail me for details

DJ Orod's Dreamy Trance
download MP3 file here
Contact him!
underground house, live and kickin'
drum 'n' bass from Brooklyn
 the monsters of LA metal, KNAC
24-hour techno, baby!
da kine reggae music
live radio from Mexico
beach music from Japan
African music liive from Ghana
streaming ambient
hard rock and heavy metal
factory 188 transcasts
funk, soul, reggae, jazz
awesome socal public radio
more stations?

Would you like to watch a movie?
(some sites require Real Player)
all genres
feature films
original shows
TV sitcoms
talking thumbs

Would you care for something to eat?
limited but hopeful
another hopeful
frozen cajun food delivery
order natural food groceries
more online groceries

Would you like to listen to the radio?
(some sites require Real Player)
amsterdam free radio
from Tricia Halloran of KCRW
goGaGa NY internet radio
goGaGa SF internet radio
Internet Radio Hawai`in Music Shows
acoustic, folk and bluegrass
Hip-hop and rap from France
jazz, classical, christian, country, etc.
24-hr internet comedy
CNN live radio, video also available
the voice of El Paso, news/talk
ESPN live
classroom of the future & live NASA
the source for all internet radio

Would you like to go to a rave?
tight and phat
informative but a bit mainstream
socal's  best party calendar

Would you like to chat with someone?

Would you like to make an A in your oceanography class?

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