Whales & Dolphins Links

Marine mammal sites abound. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm for these animals often disregards their own welfare. My personal belief is that these animals should not be captured for public display or research. Scientific, educational and public interests do not merit their capture, housing and/or display, except when they would otherwise die. I know that's harsh, guys, but you're gonna learn a lot more by designing better experiments in the natural environment than you ever will in a pen. Besides, there are plenty or sick and injured marine mammals to choose from. My point is that you should be careful about supporting organizations and institutions that promote swimming with dolphins, touching dolphins, taking one home or any other nonsense. As far as I'm aware, the sites below do not support such endeavors.
Gray Whale Count at Pt. Vicente
, Palos Verdes Peninsula
Updated daily, this page provides the number of gray whales spotted moving north and south along the southern California coast.
American-Cetacean Society, Los Angeles Chapter

Find out about whale and dolphin census activities in southern California.
The Society for Marine Mammalogy

Recommended and used by Dr. Carolyn Heath, FC's sea-lion expert (and my office mate).
Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary
, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
Learn about humpback whales and the conservation efforts in this National Marine Sanctuary
Project Pod
, Estero Bay Marine Lab, Fort Meyers, Florida
A beautiful web site dedicated to the study of bottlenose dolphins in Estero Bay, Florida. Features videos and sounds of bottlenose dolphins.
The Dolphin Research Institute
, Inc, Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Dedicated to protecting dolphins, particularly in Port Phillips Bay, the site of the famous human-dolphin encounters. Read all about this fascinating phenomenon.