Surfing and Scuba Links

Surfing puts you in touch with the spirit of the sea and scuba immerses you in it. I want to learn how to longboard someday. I've been scuba diving since 1972, thanks to Norine Rouse, an incredible woman with a passion for protecting the sea. I worked as a guide in her Scuba shop for two summers when I was in high school. My most memorable dive with her was a night dive on a wreck in 90 feet of water. We turned off our lamps and could see the full moon above us. Next time the squid are running at night, I hope someone will call me.

Probably the most popular site for up-to-date surfing info and live surf cams. Tons of images.
La Jolla Surfing

A top-notch site for surfing and weather info. Great images.
The Mining Company Guide to Surfing

Okay, I don't get it, but they got a lot of cool info on surfing, estimating wave heights, predicting waves and that kind of stuff.
Surf Cam
, San Clemente
Live pictures of the surf at San Clemente pier and an occasional train
Planet Surf

Good links to lots of other surf sites.
Snake's Surfing History and Research Links

An excellent source of links for surfing history, sociology, physics and much more.
Surfer Magazine

Catch all the latest surfing haps here.
SurferGirl Magazine

A new magazine dedicated to women surfers
Coastal Data Information Program

The Southern California Swell Model operates here giving wave forecasts for the entire SoCal region. Check it out then go to the beach and see how well they do.
Orange County Beach Guide

All the info on beaches in Orange County. Good for the swimmer as well as the surfer. Maintained by the Sea Grant Program.
LA County Beach Guide

All the info on LA Beaches.
The Dive Spot

Tons of information on scuba diving and critters. Beautifully designed.
California Diving Adventures

A totally informative guide to dive sites in California. Includes lots of LA and OC dive spots.

The National Association of Underwater Instructors emphasizes safety above all. For that reason alone, they get my top vote. You'll find everything you need here to start diving or train towards becoming an instructor. You can even get a new card here if you lost your old one.
WWW Scuba Diving Resources

An amazing list of links for diving and diving-related topics in southern California. Your one-stop shopping to dive links in southern California. &
The South Florida Dive Journal

Check out Part Three, the Mizpah, the site of my famous night dive. The second link describes my dive teacher and her special interest in sea turtles.
Friends of Norine Rouse

"We take only photos, we kill only time and we leave only bubbles." Dedicated to Norine Rouse.
Baja Expeditions

Okay, I know nothing about these people, but their web site makes me want to go diving with them, if only to dive with a whale shark or manta ray. See what you think.