Earth & Ocean Science

In the remote chance you can't find the oceanographic information you need on my site (!), here's a list of links for Ocean and Earth science info that will keep you busy for years. Many more links will be forthcoming soon. If you find something interesting, please pass it along.
Planetary Biology Home Page
Explore earth-shattering theories from the globe-buster himself, FC's very own Tom Morris. Check out the awesome cool 3-D graphics.
Semester At Sea

Earn college credit while sailing around the globe on the world's largest floating college. FC's Rick Lozinski will be on board teaching starting in mid-February.
Earth Science Enterprise

The Official Website
Space Link

Outer and inner space for educators. Way cool for everyone.
Ocean Planet Home Page

A great lay source of information on the sea. Literally a virtual museum online.
, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project.
Lots of excellent technical and non-technical information on Southern California water quality. Check out their data base.
, Southern California Marine Institute
Located in San Pedro, SCMI promotes understanding of ocean science through research and education. Their vessels serve thousands of K-18 students every year.

Get your weather and surf information here. This is where I go to get tide charts online. The site also features some of the other amenities of Venice Beach, the trippiest beach on Earth.
Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College offers great classes in oceanography and marine biology. Tom Garrison and Dennis Kelly are top-notch teachers and colleagues of mine.
San Diego State University Earth Science Education

AN excellent source of information on the growing Earth Science education movement.
The Future of Undergraduate Earth Science Education

An online article on innovation and change using an Earth Science approach
Oceans 201

Oceanography online from my undergraduate Alma Mater, the University of Washington School of Oceanography