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In the mood for exploration? Here for some of my favorite ocean-related cyberspace ports. General topics below will lead you to specific web sites. Be sure to check out this month's featured link.



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Your life just won't be the same after you hear Spongebob Squarepants rousing shanty! Spongebob has a whole bunch of salty friends to keep him busy and boy, what a bunch. Check out their web site on Nick and download the jellyfish game. Ouch!

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Aquariums and Museums

Aquariums and museums offer a chance to explore worlds that many of us will never be able to visit firsthand. Here in California we are fortunate to have many fine aquariums and museums in our own back yard. Not only do they offer many ocean and marine-related teachings but they let us get in touch with the sea through surfing and art as well. The sites listed here are my absolute favorites, not only for what they offer, but for what they promote: conservation and education. As far as I know, none of these places capture marine mammals for their exhibits. Some allow touching of bat rays, a questionable practice, but their benefits outweigh this oversight on their part. Feel free to invite me to visit one with you. More sites in other states and places will be forthcoming. Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California
Overview of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, educational materials, visitor information and more. Can't replace the real thing but it sure is nice to look at between visits. Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, California
Aquarium overview, site map, visitor and volunteer information. Nicely laid out and let's you buy tickets online. Cabrillo Marine Museum, San Pedro, California
A great marine museum dedicated to education. Watch for their guided grunion run nights in the spring. International Surfing Museum, Huntington Beach, California
Great site dedicated to surfing and skating (the skateboard kind). Next time you're kicking it on the HB pier, take a few moments to walk a couple blocks up Main, turn left on Olive and check out their exhibits. Nice people. California Surf Museum, Oceanside, California
Check out the web site then go visit. Any place dedicated to surfing has to be special. Birch Aquarium at Scripps, La Jolla, California
Part of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a world-class ocean research institute. Their bookstore carries great reference material for ocean and marine sciences. California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California
Features the Steinhart Aquarium, the Natural History Museum and the Morrison Planetarium. Awesome web science education features, covering earth and ocean science, natural history, earthquakes, astronomy and more! Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, Oregon
A beautiful web site from the people that gave Keiko his life back. Worth a visit on your way up or down the coast. The Seattle Aquarium, Pier 59, Seattle, Washington
This is a spectacular aquarium that has received accolades for years. Their web site features an educator's guide to salmon and watersheds, among many other features. The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California
Vast. Enchanting. Epic. Web site includes theasuri and vocabulary tools. If you go, check out the fountain by Robert Irwin, which recreates the hydrological cycle. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and The Geffen Contemporary (GC), Los Angeles, California
Find out about the latest exhibitions and special events. There is always a connection to the sea in modern art. I used to volunteer at the Temporary Contemporary, now the Geffen Contemporary (when did that happen?) The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles, California
Beauty site! Find out about the Van Gogh exhibition coming Jan 17 - April 4. Van Gogh loved the sea, according to me.

Sharks & Fishes

Great white sharks are on the endangered species list here in California and in South Africa. Great White sharks have been horribly mistreated by humans, far beyond anything they have inadvertently done to us. In fact, recent research suggests they don't even like the taste of humans. Here's a few links to the major shark research sites. More links on giant manta rays and other fishes will be forthcoming. The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation, Santa Cruz, California
Their mission is to assist research on elasmobranchs (sharks and rays), particularly in and around Monterey Bay and San Francisco. The site features awesome video images. The Shark Research Institute, Princeton, New Jersey
A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of sharks. These guys specialize in whale sharks, the largest fish in the world. Cool whale shark pics and a form for whale shark sightings. The South African White Shark Research Institute, Cape Town, South Africa
A non-profit organization dedicated to research and conservation of the endangered great white shark. Read the disturbing story of how these beautiful animals are caught, their fins amputated and their bodies thrown back in the sea where they slowly die. You'll understand why I don't eat seafood anymore.

Marine Mammals

Marine mammal sites abound. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm for these animals often disregards their own welfare. My personal belief is that these animals should not be captured for public display or research. Scientific, educational and public interests do not merit their capture, housing and/or display, except when they would otherwise die. I know that's harsh, guys, but you're gonna learn a lot more by designing better experiments in the natural environment than you ever will in a pen. Besides, there are plenty or sick and injured marine mammals to choose from. My point is that you should be careful about supporting organizations and institutions that promote swimming with dolphins, touching dolphins, taking one home or any other nonsense. As far as I'm aware, the sites below do not support such endeavors. More sites will be forthcoming. Gray Whale Count at Pt. Vicente, Palos Verdes Peninsula
Updated daily, this page provides the number of gray whales spotted moving north and south along the southern California coast. American-Cetacean Society, Los Angeles Chapter
Find out about whale and dolphin census activities in southern California. The Society for Marine Mammalogy
Recommended and used by Dr. Carolyn Heath, FC's sea-lion expert (amd my office mate). Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
Learn about humpback whales and the conservation efforts in this National Marine Sanctuary Project Pod, Estero Bay Marine Lab, Fort Meyers, Florida
A beautiful web site dedicated to the study of bottlenose dolphins in Estero Bay, Florida. Features videos and sounds of bottlenose dolphins. The Dolphin Research Institute, Inc, Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Dedicated to protecting dolphins, particularly in Port Phillips Bay, the site of the famous human-dolphin encounters. Read all about this fascinating phenomenon.

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are taking a beating lately and no one is sure why. The year 1997 was designated as the International Year of the Coral Reef, followed by the International Year of the Ocean in 1998. That should tell you something about the current alarming state of the oceans. More links forthcoming. Hawaii Coral Reef Network, Hawaii
The network is a grass-roots organization of scientists and concerned individuals concerned with education and research on coral reefs. This is a great place for information on corals and coral research in Hawaii. NOAA's Coral Reef Home Page, Washington, DC
Dedicated to the 1997 Year of the Coral Reef. An excellent source of information on coral reefs and their importance. The Coral Reef Alliance, Berkeley, California
An excellent web site dedicated to conservation of coral reefs.

Hydrothermal Vents

Some scientists propose that life on Earth began in a hydrothermal vent. There's lots of evidence to support that contention. What makes this research even more exciting is the very real possibility that hydrothermal vents (and by inference, life) may exist on other planets; the Jupiter moon of Europa, in particular. Regardless, hydrothermal vents research fosters cooperation and exchange of information among geological, biological, chemical and physical oceanographers, an occurence that is all-too-rare in science. Add to the pot a few kooky space scientists and you have the makings of a genuine multidisciplinary effort to understand the world and universe around us. Woo-hoo! The VENTS Program
Established in 1984, the VENTS program conducts research on hydrothermal vents and their impact on global ocean processes. Somewhat technical but an excellent and highly reliable source of information on hydrothermal vents. NOAA's VENTS WebSite
An alternative to the site above. Lots of excellent information on vent research with an excellent image and video gallery. USGS Site
Great photos of hydrothermal vents, vent organisms and the submersibles that explore them. Also a great site for a discussion of the development of plate tectonic theory. Arranging Life Into Kingdoms
Excellent explanations of the link between hydrothermal vents and origins of life theory. Good excerpt from Dr. Lynn Margulis, the founder of endosymbiotic theory.

Outer Space

Having grown up in Florida, standing in my backyard watching rocket ships blaze overhead on their way to the moon, you might say that outer space holds no small amount of fascination for me. From as early as I can remember, I wanted to be an astronaut. My parents, however, weren't so keen on the idea. When I was around ten years old, Scott Carpenter, a famous astronaut, was doing a lot of oceanographic research. I figured if an astronaut could become an oceanographer, then the reverse must also be true. The rest is history as they say. I'm still waiting for my chance to explore outer space. Until then, these web sites are the next best thing. NASA Home Page
This is the jumping off point for all of NASA's missions. You could spend years following their links and information. Jet Propulsion Labaratory, Pasadena, California
The Hubble Telescope, the Mars Polar Lander and more. SEAWIFS Project
Oceanography from space. Find real-time maps of sea-surface temperature, ocean color and lots more here. Satellites revolutionized oceanography and this site tells it all. Astronomy 161, University of Tennessee
An entire astronomy course online. Incredible, awesome, mind-expanding and due to get even better. I don't know how long this will be available but it has the most lucid explanation of tides I have ever seen StarDate Online, University of Texas
Millions and billions of bytes on stargazing and our solar system. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence @ Home Web Site
SETI@Home is an interesting experiment to enable thousands of home computer users to participate in the search for life in radio signals from across the Universe. Sign me up.

California Hot & Cool

What I love about living in southern California is the diversity of environments within a day's drive. Everything here is done up in a grand and spectacular way. These links are dedicated to my favorite places to visit in California. The links here get you to the offical pages. There are lots of unoffical pages and travel pages that offer exceptional images and great visitor info. A simple search will yield more than you can stand and make you want to pack it up and leave right away. Yosemite National Park
The National Park Service site on Yosemite. Visitor information, the Valley Implementation Plan, images and more. I think Yosemite is the most spiritual place on Earth and I love spending time there. Joshua Tree National Park
The National Park Service Site on Joshua Tree. If there were a place on our planet that looks the most like another planet, this would be it. I love camping and hiking here, especially the Wonderland of Rocks. Redwood National and State Parks Electronic Visitor Center
The summer I graduated from college as an undergraduate, I spent three weeks traveling from Seattle to LA down the coast. I camped at Gold Bluffs Beach and awoke the next morning to golden cliffs guarded by 100-ft redwood trees, elk feeding in pastures along the beach and a grey whale feeding just outside the breakers. Totally cosmic. Anza-Borrego State Park
This fall ('98) we saw bighorn sheep scrambling down the hills behind the Borrego Springs campground. At the other end of the park is the Domelands with fossil sand dollars. We're headed here in February for a field trip. Come check it out. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
This is one place where we stay on our Monterey Trip. We will be staying here on our trip in May. Redwood trees and a babbling creek soothe every tense nerve finer in your body. Seductive. Montana de Oro State Park
Incredible tidepools, sea otters, sand dunes, great hiking and biking. This is my idea of a perfect beach hideaway. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
The second-oldest National Park in the US. Giant redwood tress, Mt Whitney, Mineral King...makes me long for the lazy days of summer just thinking about it.

Polar Bear & Penguin

In my oceanographic travels, I've been fortunate enough to visit the Antarctic Ocean (the Weddell Sea) and the Arctic Ocean (the Barents Sea and the Greenland Sea). I've seen icebergs, humpback whales, sperm whales, lots of sea ice and yes, penguins and polar bears. Here's a few links to polar research sites. Sorry if you were expecting fur and feathers. Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation
The Office of Polar Programs supports research in science, economic development, environmental protection, foreign policy and national security in the Arctic and Antarctic range. Funding for my expeditions to the Weddell Sea and the Barents Sea came from OPP. Havforskningsinstituttet, The Institute of Marine Research, Bergen Norway
The premiere oceanographic institute in Norway. I've been on three expeditions with these guys and spent some of my finest moments at sea. I love these guys. The United States Coast Guard International Ice Patrol
Get the latest iceberg alerts from these guys. Formed in response to the sinking of the Titanic, their job is to keep track of ice in the shipping lanes. Great photos here. See the iceberg that sank Jack and Rose.

Surfing & Scuba

Surfing puts you in touch with the spirit of the sea and scuba immerses you in it. I want to learn how to longboard someday. I've been scuba diving since 1972, thanks to Norine Rouse, an incredible woman with a passion for protecting the sea. I worked as a guide in her Scuba shop for two summers when I was in high school. My most memorable dive with her was a night dive on a wreck in 90 feet of water. We turned off our lamps and could see the full moon above us. Next time the squid are running at night, I hope someone will call me. Surfline
Probably the most popular site for up-to-date surfing info and live surf cams. Tons of images. La Jolla Surfing
A top-notch site for surfing and weather info. Great images. The Mining Company Guide to Surfing
Okay, I don't get it, but they got a lot of cool info on surfing, estimating wave heights, predicting waves and that kind of stuff. Surf Cam, San Clemente
Live pictures of the surf at San Clemente pier and an occasional train Planet Surf
Good links to lots of other surf sites. Snake's Surfing History and Research Links
An excellent source of links for surfing history, sociology, physics and much more. Surfer Magazine
Catch all the latest surfing haps here. SurferGirl Magazine
A new magazine dedicated to women surfers Coastal Data Information Program
The Southern California Swell Model operates here giving wave forecasts for the entire SoCal region. Check it out then go to the beach and see how well they do. Orange County Beach Guide
All the info on beaches in Orange County. Good for the swimmer as well as the surfer. Maintained by the Sea Grant Program. LA County Beach Guide
All the info on LA Beaches. The Dive Spot
Tons of information on scuba diving and critters. Beautifully designed. California Diving Adventures
A totally informative guide to dive sites in California. Includes lots of LA and OC dive spots. NAUI
The National Association of Underwater Instructors emphasizes safety above all. For that reason alone, they get my top vote. You'll find everything you need here to start diving or train towards becoming an instructor. You can even get a new card here if you lost your old one. WWW Scuba Diving Resources
An amazing list of links for diving and diving-related topics in southern California. Your one-stop shopping to dive links in southern California. & The South Florida Dive Journal
Check out Part Three, the Mizpah, the site of my famous night dive. The second link describes my dive teacher and her special interest in sea turtles. Friends of Norine Rouse
"We take only photos, we kill only time and we leave only bubbles." Dedicated to Norine Rouse. Baja Expeditions
Okay, I know nothing about these people, but their web site makes me want to go diving with them, if only to dive with a whale shark or manta ray. See what you think.


Ocean & Earth Science

In the remote chance you can't find the oceanographic information you need on my site (yeah, right!), here's a list of links for Ocean and Earth science info that will keep you busy for years. Many more links will be forthcoming soon. If you find something interesting, please pass it along. Planetary Biology Home Page
Explore earth-shattering theories from the globe-buster himself, FC's very own Tom Morris. Check out the awesome cool 3-D graphics. I rage jealous. Semester At Sea
Earn college credit while sailing around the globe on the world's largest floating college. FC's Rick Lozinski will be on board teaching starting in mid-February. Earth Science Enterprise
The Official Website Space Link
Outer and inner space for educators. Way cool for everyone. Ocean Planet Home Page
A great lay source of information on the sea. Literally a virtual museum online. SCCWRP, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project.
Lots of excellent technical and non-technical information on Southern California water quality. Check out their data base. SCMI, Southern California Marine Institute
Located in San Pedro, SCMI promotes understanding of ocean science through research and education. Their vessels serve thousands of K-18 students every year. Venice
Get your weather and surf information here. This is where I go to get tide charts online. The site also features some of the other amenities of Venice Beach, the trippiest beach on Earth. Orange Coast College
Orange Coast College offers great classes in oceanography and marine biology. Tom Garrison and Dennis Kelly are top-notch teachers and colleagues of mine. San Diego State University Earth Science Education
AN excellent source of information on the growing Earth Science education movement. The Future of Undergraduate Earth Science Education
An online article on innovation and change using an Earth Science approach Oceans 201
Oceanography online from my undergraduate Alma Mater, the University of Washington School of Oceanography

Online Education

There are a growing number of mailing lists and web sites dedicated to online teaching and learning. While most of these sites are geared towards educators and administrators, students might get a kick out of the language educators use to describe students. Student-centered learning, learning assessment and learning outcomes are hot words in the pedagogy industry right now. Still, the beauty of online teaching is that it exposes our preconceptions about  teaching and forces us to re-evaluate how we teach. Technolgy is but the vehicle by which teaching will improve in the 21st century; it won't replace good teachers. University of Wisconsin Distance Education Clearing House
This is one of the first places I visited to get information about online teaching. It is an excellent resource, well worth browsing for beginners and veterans. The Web Course Project, Cal State Northridge, Northridge, California
Great information on free tools and resources for online education. CPR, Calibrated Pier Review, UCLA
CPR will revolutionize online teaching, especially for developing critical thinking skills. Students evaluate three calibration essays, by which their skills are evaluated. If their critical skills are deemed sufficient, they then evaluate three student-written essays and write one of their own. The applications of this technology are enormous and the developers are true visionaries. University of Hawaii Ed Tech Tools
This is the place to create online quizzes for students. Students just love going to Hawaii to take a quiz, even if it is online. This is a great service provided free to educators. WebCT
Courseware gaining rapid acceptance in the online teaching community. Highly structured but adaptable. Asynchronous Learning Network
Their site is quite useful for information related to online teaching. They also have a great newsletter Arlington Courseware
Excellent online courses in web usage, HTML and XML. The Masie Center
The technology and learning think tank, as they call themselves. Mostly, a place to prmote their seminars, but they've got a great collection of online presentations from previous seminars. The JAVA Tutorial
Learn about JAVA and JAVAscripts here. The SGML/XML Web Page
Absolutely more than you ever want to know about SGML and XML but an invaluable resource for information on this wave of the very near future. Instructional Management Systems Project
Everything you need to know about Meta-data.


Is there such a thing as International on the WWW? Aren't we all just one big global village? Okay, then these links are dedicated to places you can't walk to from Fullerton. Lots more coming soon. Rail Europe
Otherwise known as Eurail. This site gave me train schedules in Norway, so it's pretty darn handy for planning any European travel. You can even buy tickets online (although this seemed a little dicey to me -- what if they couldn't find your order? Crank up the thumb...) War FTP
War FTP lets you set up your own computer as a server. The author distributes it for free and it's a damn fine product, so I am told. He's also a bit of a revolutionary (he has an interesting story) and he lives in Norway. Yeah, it's random, but it was on my bookmark list.


A student once told me that he wanted to take my course over again just for the humor. Of course, he made an A. Here's where I get some of my humor. If you've got some, let me know. CyberCheeze
The #1 place for jokes on the web? That's what they say and they got lots of them. Sign up to have one delivered to your cyberbox every day! What better way to start the morning?
Not sure what it stands for but you can also get on their mailing list to have a joke sent to you every day. Now who wouldn't want that? Comedy Central
The funniest web site I know, featuring South Park, my fave! Loads of images, video and audio files. Check your horoscope here. Comedy Net
Streaming and live comedy. If you like stupid comedians with a technological twist, this site is for you. Check out the Weather Channeler in NewWits. Comedy Break
More live webcasts and a great funny quotes section, i.e. "Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child." Former U.S. Vice-President Dan Quayle speaking on family values and a lot more!


Science fiction is the cauldron from which great science is brewed. Nearly every invention started as a fiction and was then made into a reality. I'm really hoping for interstellar time travel in my lifetime. Check these links for ideas on what's possible. The Dominion, Sci-Fi Channel
Ever wonder? Stop wondering. Everything sci-fi-ish is here. Twilight zone, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Wars and a heckofa universe more! The Official Babylon 5 Home Page, Warner Bros.
An awesome epic space struggle with real characters and excellent 3-D graphics. Does anybody have the episodes on tape? Let's make it a weekend. New series - A Call to Arms: 1/3/99 Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Captain Planet is an environmental superhero who makes Earth right with the help of his Planeteers, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart. The Power is Yours! You gotta love the Captain. The Marvel Zone
All your favorite Marvel comic characters online, including Spiderman and the X-men. Free for AOL subscribers, Keyword: Marvel Zone. Others pay $3.95 per month.

rAvEs & muZiK

I love dance parties. I love everything the culture represents. I love the people, their spirit and their love. Yes, there are drugs at raves. There are drugs at Laker's Games, too. But nobody is shutting down Laker Games because of it. (My apologies to the Lakers and their fans; the reference is used as an example, not to imply that Laker fans are druggies, just that drugs and alcohol are everywhere.) Drugs are a part of human culture, for bad or for good. If we can get beyond that, we can see that this music and these parties are one of the most beautiful things to happen on our planet in recent times. Better than the outdoor rock concerts I used to attend (and that used to get shut down) as a youth in Florida. The "establishment", as always, is paranoid when young people get together and have fun. I've been going to underground raves for a couple years now--drug and alcohol free- and I've loved every minute of it. Let me know if you   have any favorite rave links you want posted here. Peace. RadioValve
A 24-hour Internet radio station streaming the best acid-goa-dreamy trance, hardcore, break beat, drum-n-bass, techno, phreaky beat, jungle, get the idea. It's phat! Rave Network
Non-stop rave from around the world. Awesome web site. Listen while you work. Rave Links
Got ravelinks? Awesome listing of California raves and more. Check here for all your dance party needs. Rave World
Info on raves, raver chat, streaming audio and video, rave news. They caught some flack for teaming up with Microsoft which is a little too mainstream but their intentions are good. Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Gotta remember it applies to everyone. Future Tribe
Caught this site from a flyer at Together as One. It's supposed to be up soon. They are a group of young people who care about the electronic dance culture and who are forming a non-profit organization dedicated to making positive changes around the world such as food drives, charity, etc. Sounds decent. Check it out.


 Deep Blue Sea

I love watching movies. I love writing screenplays. I love acting and directing. I collect videos (DVDs soon) of movies having anything to do with the ocean. My most recent favorite is The Big Blue, which is out of print and unavailable for sale except my friend Sharon found me a copy. If you have a favorite movie in which the ocean appears (American History X opened and closed on the ocean), let me know. I'm collecting titles, too, Reel
This is my favorite place to get quick info about titles, actors, directors, synopses and related movies. Their primary function is to sell movies but they are an excellent source of info as well. I buy lots of videos here, especially used titles. They have great service. Movie Thing
I don't know much about this site except they have lots of movie info, trivia quizzes and movie discussion forums. Let me know what you think. American Zeotrope Screenplay Submissions
Submit your feature-length screenplay over the Internet in exchange for reviewing four others. I'm gonna do it any day now. Movie Pitch
It's either a clever way to sell How-to CDs or an innovative way to break into the business. I gave it a shot. Check it. Drew's Script-O-Rama
Links to film scripts on the Internet. Great for aspiring screenwriters. Perhaps a bit unethical, but most of the scripts you find are not the production versions. Use them for educational purposes. If anyone has comments on the morality of getting scripts free through the Internet, let me know. If your arguments convince me, I'll remove this link.

Respect Our Planet

When I worked for a corporation on Park Ave in NYC, they used to refer to environmentalists as "the birds and bunnies" group. Out here, they call 'em "tree huggers." Well, I do like birds and rabbits (in the wild, not on my dinner plate!) and I have even hugged a tree before, but I don't consider myself an environmental radical. What goes around comes around and it's simply a matter of obeying natural laws. Recycling was invented by bacteria more than 3 billion years ago. It makes sense to practice and promote good stewardship of our resources. Here's a few organizations that promote ocean preservation. There aren't very many because I've grown suspicious of these organizations. The best strategy is to see what they do locally and judge them on that basis. Surfrider Foundation
Protecting our waves for everyone and the future. I'm a member and you should be too. Their local chapters have made a big impact on protecting beaches in California. Their latest fight is to save Trestles, an incredible surf spot, from development. Heal the Bay
Heal the Bay is responsible for those street tatoos that read "Don't Dump -- Drains to the Bay." They support water quality monitoring and promote beach cleanups. Look for them around Earth Day and get involved. Greenpeace
Radical? Yes. Effective? Yes. They've been around a long time and perhaps singlehandedly were responsible for the worldwide ban on whale hunting. Their ideas are worth considering.

Gay and Lesbian

In the interest of keeping our horizons limitless and creating a world of hope and love, here's a few gay and lesbian sites that will get you started if you are looking for info in this area.
A collection of gay short stories, screenplays and other writings by W. Sean Chamberlin

Gay and Lesbian Center of Orange County
Community resources for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgenders.


Gay and Lesbian Community Yellow Pages
Guide to gay and lesbian-owned businesses and more.

Gay Orange County California
An online community of gays and lesbians in Orange County, California.

Gay Directory and Searchable Guide for gay web sites worldwide

Arts & Literature

Art and literature expand our perspective. They stretch our conceptions of space and time and what is real. The sea has served as a source of inspiration for art and literature for nearly all of man's existence. I love modern art, conceptual art and 19th century American literature, so that's what's here for now. But send me some of your links, especially ocean-related ones. Survival Research Laboratories
Art at its technological extreme. Exploding robot wars and parking lot mayhem. Not with quite the punch they used to have but influential on my warped artistic development. Check them out. Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman
An extensive collection of Whitman's poetry online. Moby Dick, Herman Melville
The web version of Melville's classic, totally online. National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Check out their online Winslow Homer exhibition. I love this gallery!


Have you ever heard of Creatures of the Abyss? You will. I write and perform plays in my lecture classes, when I can get them together. I also direct plays in the theatre department at Fullerton College. And when no one is looking, I will even act in a play, like my Father Mapple stint in last spring's Moby-Dick Rehearsed. I'm looking forward to the Kentucky Cycle in Spring, 2000. Got theatre? The Vanguard Theatre, Fullerton, California
Support your local theater. Some of FC's graduate work here on occasion. Stages, Anaheim, California
Another local theater infested with FC theatre grads Long Beach Playhouse, Long Beach, California
Seventy years in the running. Artistic Director Bob Leigh coordinates the Regional Theater Company at Fullerton College. We've worked together on several pieces in the Playwright's Festival and the Director's Festival. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival
All the info you need to plan your next visit to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon Baker's Plays
Buy plays online here. LA Times Calender Section
Get all the scoop on artistic haps in the big city; LA, that is... Comcast's Guide to OC Arts
Your local guide to local OC art happenings

Science & Technology

Yup. More soon. The Franklin Institute
Named for that master kite-flyer himself (although we know him better for his map of the Gulf Stream, don't we?), this web site offers incredible science resources on a wide variety of topics. Besides that, it's just plain fun. Creative Design Web Resources
An awesome collection of animated gifs, icons and more. All free! ICQ
Your gateway to interpersonal communications on the web. Real Player
Download Real Audio and Real Player for free. Listen to Internet radio stations and view streaming video images. A must for any semi-serious web surfer.


A few of my favorite old school technology listings. TNT, Atlanta, Georgia
Ted Turner was a big supporter of Cousteau. He is a maverick with a no-BS attitude. I like him and his station. KCRW, Santa Monica, California
Jason Bentley's Metropolis, Joe Frank's, This American Life, and Harry Le Shearer's Le Show are my favorites. Listen to them live over the Internet. KISW, Seattle, Washington
Seattle's best rock, still playing Black Sabbath, something we hear far too little of here in SoCal.  Catch them live over the Internet. Internet Underground Music Archive
Supporting independent bands and their music. More than 350,00 CDs and 215,000 audio files to choose from. Live broadcasts. Support your local musician.

News & Sports

Keep your eyes out for ocean-related news. And when you're not doing that, keep track of the teams that have ocean-related names, like the Mariners and the Devilfish and ???? More here soon. MTV
They've got news, don't they?
Fullerton College Woman's Basketball Team
Simply the best, especially because of my friend Sporty Spice. The Seattle Mariners
My favorite baseball team because I was living there when they started The Florida Marlins
My other favorite baseball team because I was living there when they started. The Miami Dolphins
My favorite football team because they are the only professional team Florida had when I was growing up


Total. The Beatles links aren't mine, but hey, someone must like them. Thanks to my contributors for these links. Aquathought Labs
Virtual swimming with dolphins Nightmare Factory
One of my favorite places to shop for Halloween stuff Beatle Fest
Find out about the Beatle Festival, somewhere I will definitely not be.  Good Beatle links here. Wall of Sound
Get the latest updates on your favorite artists. Why, there's even a link to Garth Brooks here, on the same page as a  link for Phish. That's probably the closest those two groups will ever get. American Dietetic Association
Lean how to eat right. A healthy body breeds a healthy mind and improves your grades. Lots of other resources here, too. California Dietetic Association
Keep up with the latest in nutritional news. Find a registered dietician in your area and be healthy! Thanks to Sporty Mom for these links.