Ocean Science Subject Library

The study of the sea, an interdisciplinary science known as oceanography, concerns itself with unraveling the myriad of processes that interact in the sea. Perhaps as in no other science, oceanography requires the concerted efforts of geologists, physicists, chemists, biologists and a whole host of other scientists from various disciplines.

In the lectures that follow, we explore the fundamental and practical questions that drive ocean research. We meet a few of the men and women who have contributed to our scientific understanding of the oceans and gain an appreciation for the challenges they faced along the way. We also learn some practical skills, such as reading maps and tables and charts, skills useful for every day living, no matter what your occupation or pursuit.

Ocean Science Oceanography defined
Ocean Science Oceanography and Kevin Bacon
Ocean Science Remarkable ocean facts
Ocean Science How to read a map
Ocean Science Making sense of tables
Ocean Science Making sense of graphs
Ocean Science Challenges facing ocean scientists
Ocean Science Who pays for ocean research?
Ocean Science The art of scientific thinking
Ocean Science Simple mathematics