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This section takes a decidedly philosophical cast. It serves one purpose: to illuminate your relationship with the sea. We will look at a few of the artists, poets and writers who have gained inspiration from the sea. These works of art bring us to the sea from a different perspective and provide some feeling for the breadth of human intellect and emotion tied to the sea. And we will splash a few salty tales on the silver screen, examining a few of the ways in which Hollywood and television have portrayed the sea. But even these heady musings will not deter us from taking a hard look at human exploitation of the sea. From overfishing to habitat destruction to global warming, we'll discuss the perils and promises of human interaction with the sea.

Humans and the Sea Art and literature of the sea
Humans and the Sea TV and film of the sea
Humans and the Sea Resources from the sea
Humans and the Sea Overfishing
Humans and the Sea Non-point source pollution
Humans and the Sea Habitat destruction
Humans and the Sea Global climate change
Humans and the Sea Are coral reefs dying?
Humans and the Sea National Marine Sanctuaries