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[11.18.99] Click here for a description of your scientific paper.

Next week, you should meet with your groups and finalize your papers. If you want to see me, you must e-mail me and set up an appointment. Otherwise, we will meet in two weeks on November 30 at Crystal Cove. Anyone missing this lab will be dropped a letter grade.

Your complete paper is due via e-mail or on floppy disk no later than the beginning of your lab period on Tuesday, November 30. Anyone turning in their project after that date will receive an incomplete until I have time to grade it next semester.

[10.22.99] Tuesday's lab is on campus and begins at the regular lab time, i.e. 8 am in the morning and 1 pm in the afternoon. Come prepared with a project proposal and a group of people with whom to work. By the time you leave the lab you will have a project, a group and a basic understanding of the methods you will use to complete the project.

[10.18.99] Let me repeat: tomorrow YOU go to Crystal Cove and complete the lab on your own. You can download the lab below. You are being asked to write 20 scientific questions about things that you observe at the Cove. Take three of those questions and create hypotheses (as many as you can) for each of those three questions. Then take one set of hypotheses (as many as you created for one question only) and create a set of predictions for each.

Here is the link you need to read before next Tuesday's lab: The Art of Scientific Thinking.

I will not be present for the morning lab because of a performance that I forgot about. I will be present for the afternoon lab.

Next week, Tuesday, October 26, we meet ON-CAMPUS! Thanks!

[10.16.99] AHOY!! If you are a lab student reading this, please e-mail me immediately. Spread the word!! I will not be present at Tuesday's lab but you should complete it without me. Start forming groups. We meet on campus next Tuesday, October 26.

Here is the link you need to read before next Tuesday's lab: The Art of Scientific Thinking.

Here is a list of possible projects: Find possible lab projects here!

[] Remember, we are meeting at Crystal Cove State Park for our last class meeting. Bring your tables and graphs. I will not sign off on your grade until I am satisfied with the results. Once your papers are finished, you will receive a grade. The sooner...the better. If you want to bring some food and non-alcoholic beverages Tuesday, please do. We will take a little tour of the Cove and discuss our projects. See you there!

[] In case anyone is reading this page, click here for a description of your scientific paper.

[] Great work at the beach yesterday! I've very pleased with your organization. Keep up the good work!

Coastal cleanup day is September 18, 1999. Links to details about this event can be found in Section III: Marine Pollution.

[] Find possible lab projects here!

[] I apologize for not posting those project ideas yet. I'm hoping to get to it tonight. If you are searching for ideas, please e-mail me. Thanks!

[] I know this message doesn't apply directly to you but maybe you can still help me! If you know someone who is struggling with e-mail, navigating the web site or sending the contract in the proper format then please help them. There are still quite a few lost cybersailors out there and we need to get everyone on board and batten the hatches before we set sail big-time next week. Thank you so much!

And, in theatre news, I was cast as Don John in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, being performed at FC this semester. Don John is the villain and was played by Keanu Reeves in Branagh's movie version of the play. A couple of your classmates will also be participating in the production. Expect me to grow more villainous as the weeks progress...=} (j/k). 

[8.20.99. 13:25] Please read The Scientific Method before coming to lab next week.

Please check the Forum for your lab section and post a message about the kind of project you would like to work on. If you experience difficulty posting to the forum, try again later. Click here to go to the Forums. Enter "lab" (without the quotation marks) for both the username and password.

We will meet at Crystal Cove State Park at 9 am for morning labs and 2 pm for afternoon labs. If you are hungry after lab, there is a great spot just to the south of the Park called "The Shake Shack." They have excellent sandwiches, smoothies and shakes plus a killer view of the ocean.

Directions to Crystal Cove: From Fullerton College: Take the 91 East to the 57 South to the 5 South to the 55 South to the 73 (a couple exits beyond the 405) and exit on MacArthur Blvd. Take MacArthur Blvd. all the way to the end and turn left on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH or US 1). Drive approximately 2.5 miles and look for the Crystal Cove State Park Entrance on the right side of PCH (traveling south). Pay your $6 parking fee at the toll gate, turn right and head all the way down to the parking lot furthest to the right. 

Have a great weekend!  See you at the beach!

[8.17.99] Next week, we meet at Crystal Cove State Park. Look here for directions in the next few days. Also, I will be posting more details on your projects and grades. If you want to form a group before next week, go to the Forums Page and look for your section (Morning or Afternoon). To enter the forum, type username: lab   password: lab

[8/9/99] Greetings! This page will keep you informed about anything specific to Lab sections of the course. You will probably get most of your information here, unlike the lecture and internet sections who will rely primarily on the Daily Dope. There are lots of little details specific to the labs and I'll try to keep you posted here.

However, before you do anything else, please read the Daily Dope. It is your daily lifeline to the course and it will be important that you keep in touch with information posted there.  Thanks!

More details will be announced at the first class meeting. If you can't make it, please notify me ASAP or you will be dropped. The labs are very popular.

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