Kid's Stuff!

modiver_sm.jpg (7979 bytes) There's something here for everyone, but if you are not a college student, check with your parents first if it's okay for you to be playing these games (especially blackjack) and doing these projects (especially the ones that require flammable substances). Links are provided for exploration and fun but their "kid-safe" content is not guaranteed. When you're done, check out my nephew's page. That's him in the hard hat and he loves to chat with fellow snowboarders!

Kewl Games

Torpedo Alley

Canoe Clobber

UFO Attack




Krazy Puzzles

Scrambled Whale


Phat Projects

Waves in a bottle

Deep-Sea Circulation


Rad Links The Lawrence Hall of Science
Check out the whale sounds. Can you identify them all? The Black Hole Gang
A group of kids share their favorite science links. Great interactice image maps. Check out Wei-Ling's fish tank. Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
Wow! Get busy on it. Check out the hovercraft. PBS Online
Always tons of great info and fun stuff to do. Check out Secrets of the Ocean Realm. The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Visit the Ocean with Undersea and Oversea. The Exploratorium
If you can visit in person, explore their web site. Check out their exhibit on those water-loving frogs! The Sea Worm Institute
Grow your own virtual sea worms and learn more than you probably ever wanted to know about these amazing creatures. Ocean Planet Exhibition
Almost everything you ever wanted to know about the ocean. Discovery Online
Check out Aliens in Our Oceans! The Nightmare Factory
The scariest place to shop for your next Halloween costume