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The Remarkable Ocean World offers memberships for those who wish to support our mission and help us accomplish our pioneering goals. Your $5 annual membership donation helps offset the expenses of maintaining the site, allows us to add new features and lets us bring you the most up-to-date and complete oceanographic information possible. Most importantly, member support helps college students reach their dreams.

Except for student-only sections of the site, all of the pages on this site are available for public use. They always have been and they always will be. Our library features over 400 pages of lecture notes created specifically to provide general information about the sea. The library also includes hundreds of digital images, audio files and video files available for viewing or download.

A few members-only pages and special events will be developed in the near future to add value to your membership. However, exclusivity and commercial gain are not the intent in offering these memberships. We truly hope you will share our vision of educating the young minds of the future and join us in this life-long journey.

Besides supporting a good cause, members benefit in these other important ways:

An annual membership donation of $5 is requested, but you are welcome to donate any amount you wish. Any little bit helps towards our dream of creating an even more Remarkable Ocean World.

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