Tide Chart Generator

These tide chart Java applets were compiled by Mike Harris at Pangolin Communication in New Zealand. They were created to provide real-time information on tides at more than 4,500 locations worldwide. Mike graciously provided these three locations free-of-charge for use by oceanography students. Check out his web site and send him a thanks from all of us here in the Remarkable Ocean World!

You want to know the height of tide at a particular time?
Place the mouse cursor at the time you need and click the left or right button. A horizontal red line appears at the corresponding height and the time and height appear in the bottom left corner tide table.

Need a different date?
Click on Tomorrow or Yesterday to advance or retreat the date. If you click quickly enough, you can animate the tides.

Want to switch from feet to meters or vice-versa?
Click on Feet/Meters to toggle from feet to meters.

Tides for Los Angeles


Tides for Morro Bay

Tides for Monterey Bay

Many thanks to Mike Harris for providing these tide chart applets free of charge to our students.

For more information on how to obtain these JAVA-tidelets, or other useful tide and navigational products, contact Mike Harris or visit his web site at www.pangolin.co.nz.

PO Box 14-778
Panmure, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.
Tel: -64 25 887827