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[] Please read the midterm page. It has been updated today.  I removed all the Section III links from the midterm and added more Section IV links. We will continue to talk about environmental issues throughout the course so I will not test you on them at this time. A study guide of key words, concepts and math problems that will appear on the midterm is now available on the midterm page link that you will find on the course syllabus.

I highly recommend that everyone come to all the lecture sections they can next week. I will review all of the material you need to know for the midterm and give you several answers to questions on the midterm. Everyone is welcome to come. If you can't come, send your spy. Some of you need to start coming to class more often anyway. If you are struggling, don't know what's expected of you and are still generally confused, then why not come to class and ask questions, come see me or e-mail me. I am always more than happy to answer your questions, especially content-related questions. Learning is your responsibility; I can only provide the materials, give the lectures and beat the drum.

On the other hand, most of you are doing marvelously! While you may not think scores in the 70s and 80s are very good, I think they are exceptional considering the amount of material you need to study and the rapid pace that we have taken so far in this course. Hang in there. It gets easier. And keep up the good work.

A possible modification in our Monterey expedition plans is imminent. I would like to arrive Friday, go to the Aquarium Saturday and go to Point Lobos on Sunday. If people want to stay Monday, that's okay. Please let me know if that is going to greatly impact your plans. I'm hoping it will make it easier because more people can get Friday off and drive to Monterey that day rather than trying to get there Thursday.

[] This week in lecture: Movie scenes, discussions on dinosaurs and rare footage of hydrothermal vents!

[] Practice Exam #4A is now online. Go to the Practice Exams for Section IV page.

[] Exam #2 goes offline tomorrow at 11:59 PM. Graded exams will be sent before noon on Saturday.

[] Today in lecture we will be viewing a video about Plate Tectonics. Oceanographers provided key evidence for continental drift and the processes which drive movements of the tectonic plates. Join us in our viewing of The Living Machine and join our discussion afterwards. Key words will be given in class.

[] Tomorrow in lecture: Wayfinders, A Pacific Odyssey. Come share the excitement of the Hawaiian double-canoe Hokulea as it makes its way across the Pacific using the stars and waves. Also, Hurricane Dennis is threatening the east coast of the United States. For more info, go to the National Hurricane Center.

[] Please help me! If you know someone who is struggling with e-mail, navigating the web site or sending the contract in the proper format then please help them. There are still quite a few lost cybersailors out there and we need to get everyone on board and batten the hatches before we set sail big-time next week. Thank you so much!

And, in theatre news, I was cast as Don John in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, being performed at FC this semester. Don John is the villain and was played by Keanu Reeves in Branagh's movie version of the play. A couple of your classmates will also be participating in the production. Expect me to grow more villainous as the weeks progress...=} (j/k). 

[8/9/99] Greetings! This page will keep you informed about anything specific to Internet sections of the course. Because all my sections are working through the same lectures on the Internet, I don't expect that there will be a lot of updates in this particular section. But be sure to check anyway.

Before you do anything else, please read the Daily Dope. It is your daily lifeline to the course. There you will find everything you need to know to get started in the course.  Thanks!

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