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Monterey Bay

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Join us for the adventure of your life!

For more details or to make a reservation, e-mail us at expeditions@oceansonline.com.

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diver in kelp tank
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sea nettles, Chrysaora fuscescens
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kelp tank
tKELP2.JPG (2281 bytes)
kelp tank and sea bass
tMOLAMOLA.JPG (1677 bytes)
giant sunfish, mola mola
hopkinst.jpg (2093 bytes)
Hopkins Marine Station,
Stanford University
tORCA.JPG (3751 bytes)
Orca in the sky
tOTTRFED1.JPG (2868 bytes)
Sea otter feeding time
tRICKETS.JPG (3465 bytes)
Doc Rickett's squid
tRNDQUOT.JPG (2142 bytes)
the sea is another world
tSAMWAV.JPG (2891 bytes)
ridin' the rocks at Pt. Lobos
tSTARPOOL.JPG (2822 bytes)
starfish in tidepool at MBAq
tjadcov1.jpg (3048 bytes)
Jade Cove on US 1
tSUNSET3.JPG (2681 bytes)
Pacific Grove bathed in red
tSUNSET2.JPG (2052 bytes)
another beautiful PG sunset
tlindar.jpg (2288 bytes)
a friend of James Cameron
tSHONBANJ.JPG (2520 bytes)
Shon G rocks on the banjo
tpizza01.jpg (3083 bytes)
pizza at Giani's
tCARLOSV.JPG (3147 bytes)
are they ravers or what?
tCAMPERS1.JPG (4284 bytes)
breakfast at Sunset Beach
group1t.jpg (2913 bytes)
the 1997 Monterey Group
hopgrpt.jpg (2939 bytes)
lectures at Hopkins Marine station
tGROUP2.JPG (3277 bytes)
students at Pt. Lobos
tGROUP3.JPG (4013 bytes)
love at Pt. Lobos
tmdcpdh.jpg (2874 bytes)
friends on US 1

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