Global Learn Day III
at the Remarkable Ocean World

Hello! My name is Sean Chamberlin and I would like to extend a warm and hearty welcome to everyone who is participating in Global LEARN Day III!

It is a great privilege to be a part of this historic event. I have been teaching oceanography through the Internet and World Wide Web since 1996 and GLD3 has to be one of the most exciting events in which I have ever participated.

Let me share with you a few thoughts about what Global Learn Day III means to me.

Around the campus at Fullerton College where I teach (located just a few minutes north of Disneyland in sunny southern California), I'm fond of promoting the idea that oceanography relates to everything, that all subjects and human endeavors are touched in some way by the ocean, even subjects like theatre and cosmetology? Ever hear of Shakespeare's The Tempest? Now there's a play with one foot in the sea! And did you know that sea otters have the greatest number of hair fibers per square inch of any mammal? There's one for you hairdressers to ponder. I would challenge anyone to pick a subject, any subject and I bet you'll find some connection to the sea.

If all subjects and all human endeavors relate to the sea--and I think that they do--then the sea also connects all of us to each other. Consider the way in which the world ocean surrounds and touches the places we live.

The waters that visit our shores here in California make their way across the North Pacific to touch the shores of China and Japan. These waters spread across the South Pacific to surround the largest nation in the world, Oceania, where they carry my friends aboard tha Hawaiian double-canoe, Hokulea. These very same waters circle the continent of Antarctica, the continent of all nations. They head north along coast of Chile, bathing perhaps a Galapagos Iguana. They continue towards Africa, commingling with the meandering ocean currents of Agulhas, stretching towards Indonesia and Australia. These waters wend their way into the Atlantic uniting the coasts of Brazil and Africa. And they reach north to Norway and Greenland, where they sink and form the greatest volume of ocean water found on our planet, the North Atlantic Deep Water, stretches into the basins on all the world ocean.

All of us are connected to the sea and, in that sense, all of us are connected to each other.

Like the ocean that unites us, Global Learn Day III offers an incredible opportunity to share our wisdom and experience, our hopes and dreams, our ambitions and successes across the far reaches of our planet. Cyberspace, like the world ocean, knows no boundaries. Our thoughts, carried in waves of electrons, like water, break on all shores.

I look forward to sailing with you across the vast reaches of cyberspace on Global Learn Day III.

Please feel free to e-mail me,

From all of us here at the Remarkable Ocean World, surf long and prosper!