X-Games where are you?

Author Subject: X-Games where are you?
Alexandra Huish Posted At 23:41:26 09/01/2000
Can anyone assist me in finding the x-game assignment for this week(future ones too).Not only am I new to Oceanography, but working online as well.
Melissa Padilla Re: X-Games where are you? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:56:20 09/04/2000

Go to the main syllabus for our class. Scrol down until you see a table of assignments and due dates. This first X-Game is listed under the Homework column of the table and is for week 9/11-9/17. Click on the hyperlink "Predicting the Waves: The Art of Surf Forecasting", and that will take you to the first X-Games assignment. All future assignments should be listed in this table also. Just keep checking there. But really you should be reading the Daily Dope page for updates.
Alexandra Huish Re: X-Games where are you? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:42:45 09/05/2000

Thanks Melissa, for your help.

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