Global Day IV Summary

Author Subject: Global Day IV Summary
Crissy Martinez Posted At 17:23:32 10/08/2000

The Internet has changed my life in a way in which it has made my life easier. What I mean for instance, when I was planning my Cabo San Lucas vacation last spring, I went on the internet and researched the different hotels and the hotels accommodations with price ranges.

In addition with the internet, you can get accurate driving directions with maps included of the destination that you will be traveling with the total miles traveled.

You also have the privilege of taking college courses in the internet without even having to step foot in school unless its required. You can take tests and if you have a question, you can just research the information in the internet without having to open a book, or you can send e-mails to your classmates and/or instructors for guidance.

If we didnít have the internet and I had to research information for my vacation I would be limited to what some books have to offer and it would be pricey if I felt I needed more information. In continuance, if I needed to get driving directions, at times it is difficult because most people can confuse you or give you inaccurate directions to your destination. Also, if we didnít have teaching over the internet, I feel that people would not be able to take many units because it would be a conflict with the schedules. For example, if someone worked full time and could not make it to a certain class because of the times and dates offered.

The down fall with the internet growing and expanding is that people are becoming dependent of their computer and the internet. But we all have to remember that it could crash one day and we will find ourselves lost.

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