El Nino assignment

Author Subject: El Nino assignment
Keri Myers, Jerry Blair, Melissa Stevens and Kasia Sobota Posted At 00:46:30 10/25/2000
Keri, Jerry, Melissa and Kasia
X-game assignment

High clouds indicate fine weather will prevail; lower clouds mean rain.

1. This can be tested through scientific investigation through the observation of the clouds over a five day period (Monday 10/23 through Friday 10/27)

Constraints: The only real constraint is the cooperation of weather, and there is little if any cost involved.

2. Will high clouds bring nice weather and low clouds bring rain?

We predict that high clouds will bring nice weather and low clouds will bring rain in most circumstances due to the way that the cloud formation (whether they are stratus, cumulus, or cirrus) determines whether there is rain or not.

3. a) The variables include whether or not there are clouds to observe as well as the possible change in cloud formation over the course of the day.
b) The data we collect will include the observation of the clouds (or lack thereof) over a five day period, with an observation in the morning, afternoon and evening.
c) To support our prediction we will use the data we collect over the observation period which will include the types of clouds and whether or not it rained.
d) The materials needed are few : a pen, paper, and a accurate observation of the sky each day.
e) The steps we will take include a thrice daily observation of the sky (morning, afternoon, and evening), an accurate recording of the data we observe followed by a comparison of our observation with the hypothesis, and concluding with the presentation of our data to the class.

Angela Bartczak Re: El Nino assignment (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:27:36 10/25/2000

Your experiment sounds good. Very scientific with the different cloud types. I like the idea of the three times a day to compare the clouds, that will help out a lot. How are you going to present you data? I think if you guys had a camera and could take pictures of the different types of clouds and explain them that would help a lot. Just a suggestion. One other thing.. . .maybe I read the assignment wrong, but I thought that the assignment was for one or two people. Just want to make sure you guys don't get in trouble for having too many people in the group.
Other then that good luck, I hope the clouds and weather cooperate.

Keri Re: El Nino assignment (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:10:04 10/27/2000

Thanks for the input Angela. :) We will probably present the data in paragraph format...the picture idea is a good one, but I wish I'd thought of it earlier. :) Basically we are two groups of two...Jerry and Kasia are watching the clouds in the Fullerton/Anaheim area, and Melissa and I are watching the clouds in the Riverside area. But we're collaborating our findings in one group...just to show the possible differences in weather and cloud formation over a larger area. As for the clouds, today they seem to be cooperating much better...that will help our experiment. :)

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