X-Game # 2 (completed)

Author Subject: X-Game # 2 (completed)
Jennifer and Jodi field Posted At 01:09:39 10/30/2000
Experiment: Results
Monday- Fat, fluffy, white clouds, no rain.
Tuesday- Long Overcast, white clouds, no rain.
Wednesday- Round, big, grey clouds, yes, rain.
Thursday- Clear blue sky, no rain.
Analyze:The clouds that are fat, long and white, do not make rainfall.However, the round grey ones did infact make rain fall. Tha data could mean that the shape and size could not be as significant as the color or that an overcast sky means no rainfall, and that is not necessarily true. The data is best organized in a chart to show the frequency of rain, in relation to the cloud description.
Reflection: Flaws:more data to be complete, more examples.
To be improved: Follow the rain clouds more closley and with more deatil.

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