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Matt Lovejoy Posted At 21:58:18 10/29/2000
Matt Lovejoy
X-Game #2

X-Game Assignment # 2

A. Folklore Saying: A wind from the south has rain in itís mouth.
a. Yes this folklore saying can be evaluated through scientific investigation.
b. Gravity, and wind direction would be the only constraints.

B. Does a wind from the south have rain in itís mouth?
a. I think that the answer will be no because storms can come from all different directions.

C. Experiment Design:
a. The variables are the wind, my location at the time of the experiment, the weather, and the amount of grass I throw up in the air to determine wind direction, and how hard and in what direction I throw the grass.
b. What way the grass blew in the air and what the weather is like that day.
c. Three separate times throwing the grass in the air will determine the direction of the wind, and whether or not it rains in the time the wind is blowing in that direction.
d. I will record the wind direction each time I throw the grass in the air, how much grass I threw in the air, and wait to see if it rains in the same time period that the wind is blowing in that direction; then I will record that as well.
e. I will only need grass and materials to write the results with.
f. I will stand outside, take a pinch of grass and throw it up in the air three times. When I determine the wind direction, I will then examine whether or not is true that a wind from the south holds rain in its mouth. If the wind direction is not from the south, I will state that and see if the weather reacts accordingly.
D. Review of experiment.
a. I was going to do the cricket Folklore but I walked around a park, a school and by my house and couldnít find any crickets so I had to change the experiment. I had a few reviews from students on the cricket idea but didnít have enough time to post this experiment.
E. Do the experiment.

F. Analyze the data.
a. Every time I threw the pinch of grass up in the air the wind blew it in the northern direction, which means the wind was blowing from the south; and I kid you not, five seconds after I started the experiment (at 12:00 noon) it started to rain and now, at 7:50pm it is still raining.
b. I think that it could have been a coincidence, but I donít know for sure. Just because the wind was blowing south and it started to rain does not hold the Folklore saying true, but it is very interesting the way this happened.
c. The fact that it was on one day within one hour, and not researched enough at all.
d. Maybe the wind was variable and when I checked it happened to be blowing south; or maybe this storm happened to be form the southern direction and in a couple of days we will have one hit with the wind blowing North.
e. Simply state the facts of the experiment and state the exact steps I took in order to get my data.

G. Reflection.
a. I would get a more organized way to determine the wind direction and probably measure it more times than three. I would also conduct the experiment over the course of a few days or weeks to get all kinds of different possibilities.
b. Is the storm always moving with the wind direction?
Did somebody make this Folklore saying up with the South because it rhymed with mouth, or is their some truth to this?

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