El Nino Assignment

Author Subject: El Nino Assignment
M. Robert Botzheim,518598 Posted At 20:07:44 10/29/2000
Robert Botzheim, 518598
My folklore saying is "when ants travel in a straight line, expect rain; when they scatter, expect fair weather.
1. I can test this by walking through my yard or at work and finding my results from the first group of ants I find. I will have to be careful to choose my times to look for ants when I will find ants outside. I will do this over a 5 day period.

2. My question is: if I see ants in a straight line or scattered, will it rain that day or sunshine? I think that I will find this to be inaccurate, because I most often see ants in a line.

3. My variables will be: ants in a line, ants scattered, rain, and no rain. My data will be rain, lack of rain, ants in line, ants scattered. I will collect my data by going outside once a day and finding ants. I will then find out the weather for that day. I will then place these variables in a chart.
4. I was asked how I was going to document whether the ants were scattered or in a line. Are a few scattered and a lot in line, etc.? I responded that I was going to go by consensus of the ants. If most of them were in line, than I would record them as in line.
I wondered if the ants predicted weather for the next day, the next hour or that day. I think most people thought that day.
5. Wed-25/thu-26/fri-27/sat-28/sun-29
ants line line scat line line
rain yes no yes yes yes
6. My saying was accurate 60% during the time tested. I think the data was inaccurate in that I just happened to pick a rainy wook to do my test. I think this because I saw ants in a line all this beautiful sunny summer. I think the ants positioning can better be explained by what the ants are doing at the time, are they traveling somewhere or are they collecting something.
7. My experiment was over to short a time and would have been better over a longer period of time with different weather. It was also hard to find ants on a rainy day. Maybe the ants were so scattered on a sunny day that I was missing some of the ants.

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