El Nino Folklore

Author Subject: El Nino Folklore
Jennifer and Jodi Field Posted At 16:16:17 10/27/2000
We chose the saying "When clouds look like rocks and towers the earth will be refreshed by showers." Now the question is, If clouds look like rocks and towers will there for sure be showers? Our prediction is that this saying will be true because clouds play a significant role in rainfall. The experiment is going to be recording cloud shapes, sizes, and colors. Then record rainfall for 5 days.Let us know what you think.
Keri Re: El Nino Folklore (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:17:06 10/28/2000

I too think that this saying is true...today seemed to prove it out here in Riverside. The clouds were definitely shaped like rocks and towers, and it rained all morning. Good luck!

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