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Melissa Posted At 10:54:53 08/29/2000
Hmmmm...very interesting. I would assume you mean you are for the death penalty? If so, consider this...Do you believe it is ok for you to murder someone? If not then why advocate the death penalty? That position would be very contradictory...on one hand you wouldn't murder someone but on the other hand you would murder someone (indirectly) because they "deserve" it? Thought provoking...isn't applying the "death penalty" and premeditated murder the same thing...with one twist, you have a majority of citizens and law backing you with the "death penalty". But in the end it is the same result...someone dies. How is it that we can say as a society that it is illegal to kill, then turn around and kill in the name of justice? I know your comment was for a presidential candidate, but the death penalty came in somewhere...and it is very controversial.
Jerry Re: Go Bush........ (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:04:19 08/29/2000

Yes, obviously in supporting Bush I have no problem with the death penalty. Do you know what Gore's position is on the subject? I will ask you only one question...if your closest loved one was brutally murdered would you want the perpetrator to be exucuted, or live in the prison system? I am sure that I already know your answer to my question..But not everybody feels the same(and of course,that is what makes this country so great-the fact that you and I can have this difference of opinion and both live in this country expressing our thoughts) I respect your beliefs 100%
Melissa Re: Go Bush........ (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:15:18 08/31/2000

Yes in fact you probably do know my answer...and that is I would want them in prison for life. I also respect your beliefs. I just don't believe that any person has the right to murder someone whether it be a "criminal" mudering or other "citizens" seeking "justice" and murdering, either way it is still murder. Just because we made it law and it has been that way for a long while doesn't make it right. About Gore's position...frankly I am not happy with either of the 'main' candidates for president so I am up in arms, so to speak.

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