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Dr. Chamberlin's Fall 2002 Online Course Guidelines

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This page last updated: Tuesday, September 3, 2002 2:53 PM

5. Course Web Sites & Online Tools

To achieve our learning goals for this course, we use online tools designed to help us learn and better understand the course materials. In addition, these tools enable us to better communicate with each other and develop the sense of community that supports our learning. Finally, these tools provide a means for assessing our knowledge and understanding and providing feedback to each other and the instructor such that our knowledge and understanding continuously improves.

The Remarkable Ocean World (http://www.oceansonline.com), our co ruse web site, site serves as the primary source of course information (course guidelines and syllabus), course content (lecture notes) and assignments (discussion board). It may serve as the site of our exams and assessments, but that has not been determined as of this writing. Make sure you subscribe to the mailing list (see the section that follows) or you will not know where to take your exams. The web site for exams will be announced through the course mailing list.

Among the online tools we use in this course are:

More information on these tools is provided in the sections that follow. Since you're already reading these course guidelines on our course web site, little additional explanation should necessary. However, if you have questions about how to access specific portions of this web site (and you have read all twenty sections of these course guidelines), please e-mail me, drc@oceansonline.com.

You may also want to refer to I Will Survive...(my online course) A Guide for Students Enrolled in Online, Hybrid and Web-Enhanced Courses, which will give you a better idea of what's expected in online courses.

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